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Brand Watch News Report: High-quality Swiss watch brand MILUS (Milus), from the founder, Paul William. Respect the Austrian Paul William Junod (1896-1957) To create a world wants to have, both elegant and accurate watch precious ideal. To achieve this, respect, Mr. Austria in 1919 in Bern and the City (Biel) Route de Reuchenette 21 establishment of the company until 2002, the company owned by the respected Austrian family. Paul William. Respect for facts, Mr. Austria, sparing, training artisans, design concepts have been working hard on and never deviate from the track, aims to dream and vision a reality.

"Every piece should reflect the contemporary features; the preservation of traditional craft, while committed to developing a new approach to what we believe. The real work will be able to represent the era of its process, form and function reflect the lack of traditional craft roots work is the lack of cultural depth.

In our studio, the watch maker by repeated polishing processes, and finally engraved individual serial number, a perfect watch works can be published. It may accompany the man or woman for many years or even life and transmitted to future generations.

Time is recorded in one of our culture is also a family legend, we in the cradle of Swiss watch making Jurassic to Jura valley grew up, where is the ancient clock master process and technology development and the place to play, but also to overcome the difficulties, the arts elevated to another level with the technology of the place. "

Paul William. Respect Austria

1951: Paul Herbert. Respect Austria (Paul Herbert Junod)
When Paul William 1951. Austria respect after the death of his son, Paul Herbert. Austria took over the family business, respect, and in 1961 in Bern and the City (Biel) Route de Reuchenette 19 new company headquarters.
1970 to 1973 years won the awards:
MILUS jewelry watch for three consecutive years won the "Golden Rose Award Baden-Powell" (Golden Rose of Baden Baden) within the awards.
1970: La Mer 』『 watch won the "Rose d'Or de Baden-Baden" Award
1971: watch 』『 Montre de Poche won the "Rose d'Or de Baden-Baden" Award
1973: Avant-Garde 』『 watch won the "Rose d'Or de Baden-Baden" Award
1982: Paul and Pierre. Respect Austria (Paul & Pierre Junod
Paul Herbert in 1982. Respect the Austrian business to the company two sons Paul and Pierre. Austria responsible for the statue, two at the same time supporting the company's executive management and business development. Pierre. Respect the Olympic focus on the business of financial management; and Paul. Respect Austria, a graduate of Pearse College of watch-making elite students are focused on MILUS brand new design.
"The detachment MILUS watch all express their own unique personality, with excellent aesthetic perception, not one dictated by the technical." Paul. Respect Austria
Won the award years 1986-2001:
From the 1986 and 2001, MILUS watch award-winning, watch these award-winning famous museums around the world have demonstrated. In 2000, MILUS nominated, "the Swiss watch industry in the 20th century, the 50 most important brands" (The 50 brands of the Swiss watch industry in the 20th century) Special Award.

2002 - a new era began

With the support of Hong Kong, Peace Mark Group, the "MILUS International SA" (MILUS International) the establishment of a new era marked the beginning of MILUS. Basel Watch Fair 2003 on, MILUS show people a new look, 75% of products designed specifically for women, in order to create perfect, accurate and elegant watch is an ideal, has a distinct orientation. "MILUS watch is not simply a product, but display a concept, an attitude to life, MILUS watch itself represents a noble and beautiful." MILUS International CEO Jan Edöcs state. Noble and beautiful MILUS products, with high accuracy, detail-oriented, innovative, mainly to inner beauty with outer beauty and perfection themselves freely, so that the wearer confidence, has a unique personal style. All MILUS watches are accurate and reliable Swiss made.


"Self-personality" is the brand concept MILUS, each product into this important element is also to highlight the creation of emotional "self-personality" concept. Who are loyal to wear their own MILUS watch, and good at listening to their inner world. Swiss photographer Michel Comte in the master surgeon, the eyes closed ad actress, will be the brand concept of perceptual MILUS deduction. Magnificent luxury is not simply the naked eye can see, but the feeling from the heart and hair. All the relevant MILUS campaign slogan is to "self-personality" as the theme, dedicated to truly enjoy the true to themselves.

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