Brand Watch Introduction: Jaquet Droz

Brand Watch News Report: Swiss watch Jaquet Droz is the world's oldest watch brand so far has been 300 years of history, the Qing Qing Dynasty royal family who have been appreciated. Jaquet Droz to fine art of watchmaking and enamel highly acclaimed, especially good at firing enamel face plate for the design elements. In the 2007 Basel International Watch Fair, JaquetDroz display a variety of classical aesthetics and the perfect blend of modern art works.

Eighteenth century AD, the watch industry was born out of two world clocks are not genius, one is you are well versed Breguet invented the tourbillon Abraham-LouisBreguet, watch fans, another is completely unfamiliar with the PierreJaquet-Droz (1721 - 1790). PierreJaquet-Droz was born in Switzerland LaChaux-de-Fonds in the name of a wealthy, universities completed theology degree, he began by virtue of their mathematical and mechanical genius, a watch manufacturer at the time the center has gradually emerge Neuchatel. 1758, PierreJaquet-Droz, and his father also watch craftsmen AbramSandoz to travel with Madrid, the Spanish court in the elaborate display the clock, and thus won the amazing fame and fortune. Even today, he then produced a shepherd of the clock (Shepherd'sClock) is still displayed in the Spanish royal palace into museum collections.

With other master clocks is different, Pierre Jaquet-Droz live comforwatch lives, without having to work for the sake of subsistence, and thus PierreJaquet-Droz will have its own efforts to produce his best bet complex mechanical idol (mechanicalfigurine, Automaton) on . He specializes in his life gained mathematical and mechanical knowledge to his son Henri-LouisJaquet-Droz, and disciple Jean-FredericLeschot, three people together to create the most famous in history, the three mechanical dolls: TheWriter, TheDraughtsman and TheMusician, and in 1774 in LaChaux-de-Fonds for the first time to show the world. This culmination of sophisticated mechanical dolls three were able to make the written word, drawing pictures and playing music, ingenious action. According to records at the time that people young and old from across the country, competing to see this race in the history of the great miracle of human technology. After, PierreJaquet-Droz, who has toured Europe with a mechanical doll around the court and the studio show, and everywhere was very high evaluation. And that after the three famous doll collection of different museums Spain after, Neuchatel's Museeed'Artetd'Histoire Museum in 1906, the Swiss government grants to purchase, the current state of well preserved and has become the town museum Museum's treasures being displayed regularly.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz are also good at making Singing Bird and the clock. Back in 1738, he had the LaChaux-de-Fonds opened the first watch store. Later in 1774 and 1784, respectively, opened in London and Geneva watch company the second and third. His watch company has always been committed to producing elegant, refined and beautiful timepieces, highly skilled craftsmen in the production of birds to the time complexity of installed sophisticated mechanical devices and timekeeping Music Box, the appearance of the movement are decorated with carved jewelry , precious metals, and time-consuming burning plastic in the ceramic enamel. His watch is also compact and accurate with a complex movement, while the appearance is beautiful Wealthy. In the eighteenth century, Jaquet-Droz watches have a large portion of sales by traders to the east, including the emperor would love his work. Even today, Beijing Forbidden City is still in possession of Jaquet-Droz then made clock. And less well known is that, Jaquet-Droz is the world's first production of the so-called watch the watch factory, a 18th-century manufacturing, Jaquet-Droz strap with the female form in 1992, certified by Guinness World Records , as seen today, the first watch.

Interestingly, the same as the eighteenth century and the Breguet watchmakers of the Jaquet-Droz watch factory, it is starting again in recent years are often used and Breguet compared, first, because the two watchs behind this plant regeneration, in fact, are attributed to the same French FrancoisBodet. FrancoisBodet Chaumet family twenty years ago to have when working on the initiation of Breguet Breguet Renaissance master the idea of watchmaking, and he did do a master of the Breguet pocket watch which is now a masterpiece into a singular art, porwatch applications evolution to watch the task, and completed the Breguet watch factory into the ranks of top-class achievements. Breguet 1995 FrancoisBodet left, he choose to challenge again, and RodolpheSchulthess and YvesScherer and others began a revival with the master PierreJaquet-Droz watchmaking skills course. Coincidentally, in the Swatch Group in 2000 also after the acquisition of Jaquet-Droz, Breguet and Jaquet-Droz currently have the same group, this is really the history of people and opportunities that the occasional sigh.

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