Brand Introduction: Nina Ricci

Fashion Watch News Report: Mary was born in 1883 Nena Turin in northwest Italy, 7 years old with his family moved to Monte Carlo. Since his father died, 14 years old she and her mother went to seek refuge with relatives in Paris. In Paris, she went to the tailor to do a clothing store, and later married the son of Italian jeweler Louis Ridge.

Rich body of none, so his family who all come into the Queen Mary. In 1907, she went to work at a well-known apparel company, but she also with Nina Ricci brand in his own workshop in the production of clothing. In 1932, Mary's son Luoboliqi formed a company, and persuaded his mother and his fashion business with the business. Design their own fashion, and recruited former men were making good tailor. Year in July, the successful launch of Nina Ricci winter, and in the French fashion industry a hit.

Nina Ricci dress to go first is the high profile line, the material variety, style, classic, elegant and simple, but the price is cheaper than some other brands, it was quickly welcomed by the market. In 1946, Nina Ricci perfume began to market two years later century masterpiece "wing to wing" perfume came in 1952, "forbidden fruit" perfume and a big success, and hit almost every second to sell a bottle of success.

Lober 1959, married the daughter of Gilles Fish, who later became president of Nina Ricci. Nina Ricci Fish vigorously promote the internationalization and diversification of the company, in addition to other fashion and perfume, the company's product line will expand to leather goods, accessories, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, men, children and other fields, Nina Ricci product success and make marketing more than 130 countries and regions.

Mary quite design talent, her first year will be wrapped in cloth model has a direct cut "draping Act," refining soft clothing lines, compelling and not artificial. In particular, she detailed focus on specific performance, so get the maximum light clothing. Nina Ricci dress style, elegant, sophisticated materials, hand is extremely delicate, and its unique appearance, style, classic and extremely feminine, elegant and rich lady by the favor of Nina Ricci in Paris has become the five high-level " provides for service "brands. In view of Nina Ricci dress "for the French to create a unique temperament made outstanding contributions," Mary had won the French Knights of Honor.

Nina Ricci cosmetics and how to make people pay attention to conservation of materials to achieve the perfect color, and its products, whether in color or sweet packaging design, all came from the hand of the master in the art and design. Nina Ricci perfume most famous works should be "wing to wing", the classic egg-shaped bottle and the top two pigeons flying wing to wing, has become a symbol of unfailing love.

Nina Ricci's clothing to look chic, classic and extremely feminine style favored by the elegant and wealthy lady, won a good reputation. Even today, sixty years of wind and rain through the Nina Ricci fashion brand is still the area of one of the most famous name. Directly to the cloth wrapped around the model's body is cut directly Nina Ricci's first. NINARICCI can be regarded as a veritable fashion "clothing sculptor."

NINARICCI fashion temperament noble, dignified, noble and classic style has been dominating the French fashion industry.

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