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Brand Watch News Report: Germany's largest watch manufacturer. 1861 created by the E. Junghans. Facilities located in the southern German city of blue-Mu Beige. Initially, the company from the U.S. introduction of advanced production methods, changing the original hand-manufacturing process to produce high-precision clocks and watches, products known. Ordinary clock starts from the production company, gradually producing wall clock, clock, nautical clocks, pocket watches, and artillery fuses and so on. Early 20th century into the world's largest watchmaker, and in Venice, Paris, Austria, the United States, Argentina and other cities or countries, the company. After World War II, the company returned to the kitchen Junghans alarm clock and watch production. Subsequently produced electric clock, battery clock and pendulum clock transistor, and began development of quartz watch. In 1967, the first quartz clock came first in the Federal German market. With the development of semiconductor technology and the emergence of microchip, Junghans company has achieved remarkable development, the original factory has been expanded. In 1986, the company developed a solar quartz and 15 years is only 1 second error of the radio control system. Produced by mechanical, electronic watches and clocks variety, and its simple and elegant in appearance and quality characteristics of stability, reputation.

Junghans watch factory by the Erhard JUNGHANS brother and his brother Franz Xaver Schramberg founded in the Black Forest.
Initially, the company produced watches only the individual parts, but they finished by the Junghans watch factory quality parts out quickly recognized by the outside world, these are watches that they produce their own foundation.

Erfolg durch Innovation. Success stems from innovation.
Junghans (JUNGHANS) This watch brand was born in 1866. In 1868, the company has 72 employees, can produce 360 watches per week. Two years later, the company's daily output has reached 100 watches. Meet the needs of the future development of technology and innovation are key to the success of our company. The son of the founder of Erhard JUNGHANS Arthur JUNGHANS's leadership, the company developed into the largest clock factory in Germany. In 1879, the company received the first production of the calendar watch the patents, so far the company has received 3,000 more patents.

Junghans leuchtet. Junghans in the light.
In 1870, Arthur JUNGHANS took over the company from his father. Under his influence, Junghans dare to be innovative on the market the brand.
1879, Arthur JUNGHANS became the first watch in the German patent application for the calendar clock manufacturers. Then they gradually brought many new inventions, such as a pocket watch configuration of the first fluorescent dial.

Ein Stern geht auf. A new star in the rising.
1877, Junghans factory up the first factory mark "Adler mit Fahne" (with a flag carving.) In 1890, companies have developed out of gear by the clock octagonal star design logo be proud of Hans. Three years later, the company's annual output for the first time the million mark. In 1903, Arthur JUNGHANS the further development of company size, making it the world's largest watch factory. Arthur JUNGHANS constant pursuit of perfection, and his inventiveness is still all the activities of companies, research and development of new products and technologies to improve the principle.

Aufstieg, Fall und Aufstieg. Up, down then up.
During this period, the company began production of the watch. Junghans watches and clocks to improve the technological level and production of higher quality watch, the company established in 1942 R & D center Junghans watches.
After the war, this Black Forest clock factory demolished most of the equipment taken by the army, the company was a heavy blow.
But their spirit of innovation still exists, Helmut JUNGHANS courage the development of the factory from scratch again.

Eine neue Zeit bricht an. New arrival.
As technology progresses, the clocks on the market in Europe, some out of the transition: shift from electronic form to the mechanical watch, and watch the basic structure also will change, Europe's market-oriented changes.
September 15, 1956, the Diehl Group, Nürnberg from Junghans acquired a majority stake. New, innovative ideas and Junghans in the next 5 years to apply for 800 patents in this condition the two companies became the basis for cooperation.

JUNGHANS-Technologie in der Sportzeitmessung. Junghans - appeared in sports timer.
Early 60s, has begun its Junghans quartz era. With the continuous development of quartz measuring instrument, in movement Chronograph Junghans also made innovation and improvement. And their spirit of innovation has also continued:
In 1967, the first German quartz clock "Astro Chron" available.
In 1970, the first quartz watches available.
1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Junghans timer is used to time track and field athletes. A color photograph on the world's first proof of this timer is used Junghans Olympic Games in Munich.

Mut zum Erfolg. Courage is the key to success.
Junghans it for 70 years beginning is the beginning of a new era: Electronic become its mainstream.
Junghans will do all the production is concentrated in the modern quartz technology, it became the first European to provide men and women watch quartz watch series producer.
This unit makes the courage and far-sighted step Junghans later years even in difficult times can continue to grow, while others can only dream about it peers.
Die welterste Funkuhr geht auf Empfang. The world's first clock radio was born.
In product innovation efforts on the company to watch in 1985 brought a sensational community event: Junghans produced the first regulated by a clock radio!
On this basis, the successful production of Junghans order to watch a perfect first step out of it: This clock can adjust their own, its time to be with the world's most accurate clock time synchronization, it is to light energy, its appearance a few years later with the first day produced as intact.
To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the company, Junghans produced the world's first radio controlled solar clock RCS 1, a fact that caused a public sensation.

1900 - present
Eine Vision wird Wirklichkeit. A fantasy fulfilled.
Junghans name in the international watch today on behalf of the technology.
Radio watch in 1990 is the first international year. Hans proud to bring innovative addition to an unexpected huge market success, it also makes access to a German marketing Junghans Award: "Junghans to demonstrate how to overcome the competitive market bell challenge to be successful. "
In 1995, Junghans finally watch the production of a perfect fantasy: a light energy ceramic watch. Watch this watch is an innovative art masterpieces, is a symbol of close to absolute precision. It can automatically adjust the time and date, in the most advanced and environmentally friendly solar-powered, in the dark for up to 6 months can save energy. Hardness of an exceptionally strong high-tech materials - ceramics make this watch even more perfect. It is noble gloss, high scratch and anti-allergic properties of the performance make this timer as a real wrist jewelry.

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