JeanRichard Introduction

Brand Watch News Report: Founded in 1861, JEANRICHARD Sowind currently a member of the Group, and benefited from two centuries of history and the Girard-Perregaux Sowind tabulation process. In 2000, JEANRICHARD decided to go beyond its "100% Swiss made timepieces" concept, and in 4 years developed its own manufacturing of mechanical movement - JR1000. As a unique and innovative brand, JEANRICHARD seeking balance between function and aesthetics.

JeanRichard is a never complacent about the father of Daniel JeanRichard watch the legendary reputation of the young brand. In contrast, the father of Daniel JeanRichard Watches traditional values to create the next, JeanRichard constantly thinking about how to create your own watch philosophy, tools, and watch through the industrialization process plant heritage list, is a contemporary interpretation of a complete modern wrist watch style, into a creative independent brand.

JeanRichard thinking and tabulation process
Mechanical watch movement but the most important part of the movement of production has become the core spirit of the brand JeanRichard, JeanRichard on the technical and creative efforts, to the rhythm of the movement more depth. Inherited the father of the famous watch and full of traditional Swiss watchmaking technology characteristics, JeanRichard to enrich the originality and imagination, and the thinking of contemporary design, creating a complex menu of small models. Such a bold and innovative style, more accurate self-expression and independence advocates JeanRichard style of personal characteristics. JeanRichard JR1000 made to create original movement, established a watch factory who want to be the determination of the top tab, unlimited extension of the JeanRichard watch factory skills and artistic qualities.

JeanRichard strong aesthetic point of view
JeanRichard constant pursuit of aesthetics and functionality of the perfect combination. Rich in originality to convey the JeanRichard more concise and more style design, neat design to cater to the taste of loving people. Geometric concepts and unique fusion of contemporary design point of view is JeanRichard brand essence, which is a brand JeanRichard to play a style of creative and bold design in a self-declaration.

Daniel Jeanrichard (1665-1741)
The history of Swiss watchmaking legend was born in 1665 • Daniel Jeanrichard
• He is recognized as the master watchmakers of the Jura mountains
• • 1681, he created the first timepieces Jura mountains
He also created the basic tabulation machinery and tools, and to develop a strict system of apprenticeship training tab
Today, Daniel Jeanrichard contributions still play a significant influence. 

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