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Brand Watch News Report: Sometimes, the watch displays the time not just to exist.

SWATCH appearance, let us know that life outside of work also need rigorous state of another life, in addition to dress like a watch, we also need a second watch. CD watch of cock, let us see what is called pop, just like the vagaries of the fashion statement, and grass is always greener.

Now, Movado again, it is the interpretation of "perpetual endless" Let the beauty of the stunning watches with another layer of perception.

Pressing a century charm watches

Early iconic Movado watch. In 1926, Movado designed specifically for travelers to travel pocket watch was launched. Capsule-type case, delicate embroidered pattern enamel case, matched with precious stones, together with retracwatch case designed to protect the surface can be done off the role, to improve to the case in 1927 for the automatic opening and closing movement of the Clockwork, a Movado revolutionary patented design.

122-year history, museum collections 20

In 1881, a Swiss watchmaker named Xia Defen opened a small watch with only 6 plants, some will not expect more than a century later, it will Movado (Movado) The name is recorded in history.

Today, with 122 years of history, Movado has not only received more than 100 patents and over 200 international awards, the world will be more 20 Movado Museum Classic Museum watch collection as a permanent type of collection. Movado represented behind is a sophisticated fusion of new technology and cross-age design philosophy.

Movado has been through time and space with its unique aesthetics and design of renowned watches. 1910 to 1925, the Movado movement has become a leader in the development of small, specialized research and development has become very imaginative, exquisite female form a new force watch.

Where Tuo full of watches each with a different culture and customs, which "collections 1881 Series" and "Museum Collection" has a strong nostalgic atmosphere, a watch each with its distinctive design, has gained the praise

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