Pursuit Perfect Combination of Arts and Jewelry - Ogival Watch

Brand Watch News Report: 1903, "Love the Chinese" in LaChaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland meets the town clock was born. ReneBrandt to his ideal of the Swiss watch technology and experience, a small town in the Swiss watch Hui Cui LaChaux-de-Fonds to create a love of its extraordinary history of the prelude to China. Watch hundreds of years in pursuit of the perfect combination of arts and jewelry, now popular in Europe, America, Asia.

Many people Ogival the first impression is "jumping the lucky fish", why the fish logo? Because it was the 19th century, Ogival more than the major exporting countries in Latin America, and in the local, "jumping fish" is a kind of blessing lovers totem, meaning "to spread the blessings of people love Shen Shui", and therefore, even if During World War II, the watch business exigencies of the war was limited, Ogival lucky because of the trademarks of fish attracts many people love the attention of the watch, so the company very long time now, more than a century has always uphold this spirit, adhere to the highest level of technology, to produce each only bring happiness and good luck to the watch.

1949  Keywords: award-winning
In 1949, a successful exhibition in Basel, Switzerland has won many awards and became well-known Swiss watch brands;

1950  Keywords: Pope watch
In 1950, the Vatican in particular to "love their Chinese" custom a "pope watch"

1958   Keywords: Adventure
In 1958, French explorer home "love the Chinese" cave exploration missions to complete the accompanying watch

1966  Keywords: Multi-purpose, submersible
1966, by the leading "multi-functional watch" and "precise timer diving sailing" certificate

2005  Keywords: Teresa Teng
In 2005, the love of the Chinese Foundation jointly launched with the Teresa Teng Teresa Teng Memorial watch

2006  Keywords: Shanghai
In 2006, the love of the Chinese by the Shanghai Fashion Model Competition selected as the only designated by the watch.
2006  Keywords: Stephanie
Since 2006, China invited Taiwan's famous love their big beautiful actress - Stephanie love as ambassador for the Greater China watch

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