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New Watch Models Report: Louis Erard was born in 1893, grew up in a tabulation family. That he brought up the environment bathed in watchmaking culture. In the study period, he enrolled in a Swiss Neuchatel famous watchmaking schools in their youth are all consumed in the study watchmaking expertise. In 1930, Louis Erard Swiss La-Chaux-de-Fonds was set up a company and assembly of watches and movements to "Louis Erard et Fils" registered trademark. Company because of its quality, even in 1929 after the outbreak of the global economic crisis, there is still more than invited to a prestigious watch brand watch Louis Erard assist in the production.

Louis Erard watches on the production of high quality have a profound pursuit of perfectionist he has shown Soon his company would become so famous among the peers. From the 1945, his heirs have joined the company, and bring a new look. A calm transition Louis Erard and his heirs for the brand created a new dynasty. In 1956, Louis Erard is allowed to watch components will be completed by the business model into movement production assembly work.

At that time, the purchase of the substrate used for production of movement must be licensed production rights, the value of the this advantages, Louis Erard has its own logo engraved to produce movement. Subsequently, Louis Erard getting my physical condition is poor, under the guidance of his son Rene, and Jean Louis Erard in accordance with the layout of a good path for them to go and continue to provide assembly services for other brands and also marketing its own production of watch series. In 1962, Louis Erard has successfully acquired the company at that time is a revolutionary and efficient production lines.

Slogan of the time watch of the brand promise - "The Spirit of Time", from his time for the founder of Louis Erard's Philosophy. It is also in the brand under the guidance of the concept, Novo uphold the Swiss watch industry when the watch cutting-edge technology, and maintain its superior quality and excellent design. Snow from the founding in 1930 through a series of twists and turns when the watch after the development so far.

Now, when the watch not only has a promise high-end watch industry of Switzerland's network, but also expand the other markets of the European continent and extends to the United States and Japan and Greater China market. Now, when the watch a formal promise to Shanghai, the Swiss quality to the original of this ever-changing international metropolis.

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  1. I own a Louis Erard timepiece; a Le Carre Chronograph, with a striking blue dial. I was considering a Heuer Monaco, and discovered that the Erard was the same size, and in my opinion, a much better looking chrono. It also featured the rock solid Valjoux 7752 Swiss movement, and best of all, it was substantially less money with a build quality that is every bit as good, if not better than the TAG. I think this brand is one of the best values to be found in Swiss watches today. They are very nice looking, reasonably priced, and the quality is superb.