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Latest Watches News Report: Mido in 1918 by the George Schaeren founded in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is headquartered today Mido Swiss Jura mountains is located in the center Le Locle town. Mido's name comes from the Spanish "Yo mido", meaning "I measure." It is intended to create a close friend to be your watch, when you look at when Mido happy, when you need it will come to you, Mido is a very reliable watch. Mido a personalized life will go on Swiss watches. Eternity is Mido design concept. 1,600 in 50 countries are sold at authorized dealers.

Multifort Centerchronograph central coaxial chronograph Limited 99 global market in 2007

"MIDO" Mido started for the favorite players of mechanical watches can be said to be very familiar with the watch brand, it represents a unique style, the classic features superior, since its inception in 1918, that is to produce high-quality mechanical watch known the world, to provide consumers with a more interesting collection of watches choice. MIDO 2006 marks the 88 anniversary of the establishment, MIDO special reception held in Hong Kong, invited over a hundred participants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines and other guests to attend and officially announced a grand brand in Hong Kong debut, but also introduced the world's limited edition watch to commemorate this special day.

MIDO has superior technology and brilliant watchmaking history, the world's largest watch group - Swatch Group resources in support of a strong sales and issued several new series of watches, and as a "Swiss Observatory certification preferred brand" , the target of "high quality, professional, attractive price" has become the leading entry-mechanical automatic watch brands.

MIDO Series watch is both original design and professional features, its next five classic series with different features, including authentication with the Observatory watches, and architecture reflect the immortality of All Dial series, classic retro Commander series, the rugged and reliable Multifort Series , a unique series and is full of elegant Baroncelli sporty Ocean Star series, providing a very diverse selection, has been well received by consumers and the collection of fan favorite and sought after.

MIDO brand since its 1918 inception, has been widely supported by the watch enthusiasts, global president Mr. Franz Linder said: "MIDO brand has developed rapidly in recent years to further expand their business, determined to open the Asian market, the existing point of sale throughout Asia the world, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, so local fans can watch more easily appreciate and buy MIDO watch. this time, MIDO debut in Hong Kong again, I believe will be the pursuit of those sought after high lifestyle. "

Limited edition models to celebrate the global launch of the brand-Multifort Centerchronograph anniversary of the central coaxial limited time watch

To celebrate the 88 anniversary of the brand, MIDO will introduce a new watch-Multifort Centerchronograph central coaxial chronograph. 99 Global Limited, a rare hard to find. This section was inspired by 40's central coaxial chronograph, and break through the traditional with a new attitude on again. Multifort exemplar of the central coaxial chronograph to its name, the use of double-movement technology, the timing function of the minute hand and second hand are placed in the central of the advanced features four needle coaxial design, the only entry in the mechanical watch brand launched MIDO Such models. Coupled with limited edition watch more fresh orange pointers, so that time is easier to read. Watch with oversized crown and at the time, pay attention to the appearance of a unique and easier operation.

MIDO first launched in 1940, the Multifort central coaxial chronograph is designed specifically for the pilot section of the watch, a total of four needle coaxial design so that they can more easily read the time. Movement is characterized by MIDO 1300 movement (base ETA2892), carefully assembled by the MIDO and made from polished, transparent case back through the screw, you can enjoy the fine scale pattern carefully polished. The parts side by mountains in the Jurassic complex specializing in the production of functional movement of the Dubois-Dépraz exclusive module is made to ensure the accuracy of watch operation.

Rugged and reliable Multifort series watch

Multifort intention is "very strong" means. Because it has a reliable and robust, in the 1940s Multifort series has been very highly; and time-limited form of this central coaxial stainless steel case with bezel with thick rough, and by the crown, and the watchs arc of circle In addition to hand-design a more stickers, more to avoid damage on the external impact, black paint with clear and concise fashion design face plate and filled with a sense of fresh orange pointers, Zhanxian distinctive style. Multifort central coaxial chronograph waterproof up to 100 meters, and equipped with double-sided anti-reflection sapphire crystal.

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