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Latest Watches News Report: Louis Moinet brand's long history as Breguet Louis Moinet himself is master of the year colleagues. Today is a distinctive style of Louis Moinet, yield very few luxury brands. Brand watches in the story today, the use of the real moon meteorite to create moon phase plate, and completely different from the Geneva pattern of "Jurassic pattern (Cotes du Jura)" decorate the most moving. Tempograph seconds every 10 seconds with a jump back to the special features, its design from the Louis Moinet watch written 200 years ago, Mr. monograph. Case of five materials, the total limit is only 60.

"La Maison de Louis Moinet" in Switzerland, Neuchâtel, Neuchatel state of Saint-Blaise Lauderdale area a historic building in the eighteenth century opened. This state of the typical construction Neuchatel Dyer Hauterive region famous yellow stone built, and now Ateliers Louis Moinet in which all business was conducted.

This splendid building for many years as a bank office, and his features have been preserved intact. This heritage includes some of the original masterpieces such as a very safe and protected sales center watch, and composed of many safe vault, which is now preserved in the important work of the brand.

A quiet meeting room for receiving visitors. Louis Moinet displays there in 1848 made "Trai ¬ tés d'Horlogerie" series, and other original documents. Paris, the famous watchmaker Louis Moinet (1768-1853) came to Neuchatel Dyer states, where he and other well-known watchmaker with contemporary creation, especially with Jacques-Frédéric Houriet together.

Louis Moinet is not only an outstanding watchmaker, is also a born pioneer, in his Paris Société de Chronométrie as a leader in many statements issued at the spirit of such expressed: "A true artist must be ahead of the his time ";" horology goal is to produce a superior product and delicate effects ";" not far from the truth is very critical. "

Today, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet provides a contemporary interpretation of these principles. As an independent company, he and the mountains of Jura and Neuchâtel many independent artists and factory work closely with the most advanced limited production as well as a certain type of watch creation. His mission is, through the firm's innovation, and further emphasize the brand's long history, he witnessed the new watches with those unique mechanical generation of new patents related.

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