Brand Introduction: ORIENT

Brand Watch News Report: Two Lions mark is Orient Watch mark in one of the components of both sides share in the two trademark lion. Most of the early Chinese consumers more easily identify because Shuangshi trademarks, or can read the pronunciation ORIENT, Shuangshi flag has long been public. For this reason, there appears Shuangshi card, Shuangshi watch, watch, etc. Orient Shuangshi different aliases to replace the ORIENT watch the correct name. In order to Orient Watch brand with the world market, in the next few years, Shuangshi card, Shuangshi watch, such as the East Shuangshi watch alias will be gradually diluted until it no longer used.

Its predecessor can be traced back to the 1901 push (Showa 34) Ueno in Tokyo City, established "Yoshida Clock Store" and the 1920 establishment of the Japan Clock clock manufacturing plant. Japan in 1934 when the total plant division also began manufacturing watches, and Tokyo in 1936, Hino has set up factories, focus on production of watches. July 1950, when Japan in Tokyo Hino account the creation of "Tama Keiki Co., Ltd." and in 1951 changed its name to: Orient Watch Co., Ltd. Officially began selling the Orient in the name of the watch.

Officially renamed the "Orient Clock Co., Ltd." to ORIENT brand production, sales of watches;
Be "MITI" identified as contributing to the export business enterprises;
Successful development of ultra-thin (3.9mm) automatic movement;
Successful development of 100 meters dive watch;
Posted LCD digital form;
Established in Hong Kong "on the East watch (Hong Kong) Limited";
Set up a "sophisticated Akita Orient Watch Co., Ltd.";
Open a representative office in Beijing, China;
* Successful development of more than 40 hours of the kinetic energy showed that the mechanical form, unique to the Japanese brands in the world, peer-Large
* Sale the solar cell count LP4000 (CD 4000), fully charged after 4000 hours walking;
* Successfully improved the kinetic energy of up to 50 hours or more showed mechanical watches;
* Offer 150,000 yen for the UNESCO "World Heritage watch";
Become a "Seiko Epson Co., Ltd." subsidiary;
Orient watch With accuracy of ± 5 seconds "Orient Star Royal Orient Star Automatic mechanical watches", participated in the "watch design competition 2003" won the "standard areas" in the "Design Award";
Global distribution of 300 limited edition flagship product of the watch - a world-time and high precision mechanical kinetic energy shows.

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