Nomos German Continuity Legend of Glashütte Watch

Brand Watch News Report: Since the former East Germany's Nomos watches, watch manufacturer in the history of a century Saxony Glashütte, Glashütte watchmaker to the wonderful craft they produce excellent quality, unique design manual mechanical watches, and Nomos clear that in every sense of the design a watch on the performance and readability of the "watch" Lu exhaustive

Place where the factory Nomos Glashütte, is a production of a century-old town clock, which can be traced back to the legendary founder of Saxony Watches and clocks, Ferdinand Adolph Lange (1815-1875) and his son. 1845 Lange in Glashütte watches to build a manufacturing plant, in accordance with his unique ideas of self on the quality of teaching staff in person, but also help many people to create their own studio. Just a few years, manufactured by the Lange and precision timer mechanism to be "highly accurate" the consent of words, or even the appreciation of the Swiss watch entrepreneurs.

Glashütte in the nineteenth century to produce the highest quality to the gorgeous watch is known, when people say: "Glashütte the Lange watch is not manufactured for mass production." In fact the watch is really a very luxurious Lange splendid, like a only exquisite works of art complex, only the rich only buy from.

Nomos and tabs belief in the revival

With the unification of Germany, the traditional watchmaking industry once again reborn, Glashütte watchmaking center of excellence as a unique style and influence also re-rebirth. As a new watch manufacturing the top spot - Nomos Glashütte the heritage of the centuries-old history of the watch manufacturer, to produce very high-quality mechanical watches, the birthplace of the famous Glashütte continue, and as such, Nomos to become German watch it as a national treasure.

Nomos, President Roland Schwertner that "the design does not end at the product surface, but continues to wear a Nomos watch us and the design of relations between people." Insisted so Schwertner Nomos watch every owner gets a title certificate (with its purchase of a watch with a serial number), so intimate design intended to ensure that the watch needs to be repaired if this could be the best treatment as soon as possible. Schwertner that such services are integrated into the design concept of Nomos watches, because of the insistence of Schwertner today Nomos watches produced by the giants in the perfect state, even in the most difficult environment, Nomos can still not changed its, to create a stunning watch.

Glashütte, Saxony continues the tradition of manufacturing high-level watch, in the nineteenth century to produce the highest quality known for gorgeous watch. However, in the post-war Germany, Glashütte has gradually been forgotten by the world. Re-unification of Germany led the rebirth of watchmaking tradition, as a new watch manufacturing the top spot - Nomos produce very high-quality mechanical watches, once again enjoy the Glashütte watch industry as the birthplace of the famous Excellence .

Nomos watches are designed with excellent quality and unique mechanical watch hand. Only the very best materials will be used in the construction of Nomos and the watchmaker's craft to a very excellent, every part in the production process, every step, given the most careful care and attention. Nomos special focus on the design of a watch every performance, and readability.

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