Paul Picot Swiss Watchmaking Tradition Mechanical Watch

Brand Watch News Report: Paul Picot Paco name is based on a 18th century master of the ancient names of watches named after. When Boiocchi own country, Italy is also in advanced watch distribution, he did not fear and worry about other people, such as flooding the quartz watch industry will bring great impact. Instead, he believes the future will belong to a Swiss watchmaking tradition of mechanical watch technology.
Into high-end market does not mean that will be stranded Paco Paul Picot its original traditional process. Paul Picot Bo Gaogong Division has been clearly positioned as a respect for the purely traditional watchmaking watches manufacturers. But times change, now the Paul Picot Park master watchmore times in the design and innovation, while not skin deep, classic watch features a reproduction of a class of vendor representatives.

Paul Picot in the watch has an enviable creative reputation, with its extraordinary technical hands and watch the magic man is known, has also been a watch enthusiast's attention. "Our expertise will be showcased to best advantage is the speed of technological upgrading and aesthetic innovation." Paul Picot's managing director Eric Oppliger explained, "But I think, is perfect as the traditional Swiss watch industry forever, as we today integration and the work presented. "

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