German Brand: MeisterSinger Watch

Latest Watches News Report: MeisterSinger is a very famous all over Germany, a watch school, founded in the fourteenth century AD. Watch the late 20th century German art designers and MeisterSinger Foundation work together to create, develop the "art of a single pointer to watch," watchmaker who set off the attention of the world and lead the world into the 21st century watchmaker watchmaking art.  

German art designer watches MeisterSinger not only avoid unnecessary decoration, and two pointers omitted instructions. Instructions to change the design to take a single needle, so that "hours" with one of the hands in, this design allows the watch showing a very clear and easy to read time.  

As the dial design of precision and accuracy of single pointer readable instructions, precise and accurate digital display on the surface, so that the time error in 5 minutes. People take transport, fearing the time error is only just 5 minutes, missed their train or other vehicle to generate fear. Now as long as people are wearing a MeisterSinger developed the "single pointer Art watch" on the time gap between the precision of the 5 minutes it is easy recognizable, always able to train or other vehicle to arrive 5 minutes before leaving the station. So do not miss their train or other vehicle to generate fear.

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  1. I own the Meistersinger No.1 and it's been a great timepiece. It's minimilist in design. It take a little time to get used to telling time via a single hand, but once you discover how easy and efficient it is, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one.