Beautiful Four Types Lady Watch

Fashion Watch News Report: Fashion accessories watch is essential for women, they always choose a variety with the law, and just casual female form consistent with this character. Fashion on the market are mostly decorative, watch, practical good, and beneficial to wear style. Color, size, price and other factors, so that choice becomes a difficult problem fashion female form.

Tribute to the fashion - elegant and casual female form

Female form in 2010 the prevalence of casual trend is to add in the classic design elements of fashion, design and fashion trends reflected in the agreement. Minimalist style is the brand's signature design, is today's fad, but when minimalist style is no longer a trend, the new wave of how to change? Should be said that the new design philosophy continues to focus on aesthetics, and gradually in line to modernism, but also tend to emphasize a pure simple, easy and elegant spirit. Because women are always trying to make the pure, sexy, elegant style but also strive to achieve unity. Then their spirit of independence will be revealed, they will appreciate and respond positively.

Elegant simplicity

35 mm Omega Constellation Ladies Quartz Watch

Omega Constellation Series this year introduced two 35 mm quartz ladies watch, this use of white models in their daily leisure wear a very wild, while the unique design of the series will face the perfect appearance of an elegant female. Watch with 18K red gold case, bezel with the material handled by the scrub, on which decorated with luminous coating the white Roman numerals. Lacquer dial with silver light, dial decorated with star logo from the Constellation series as the center outward scattering of the texture, in addition to 6 o'clock the small time-givers, the remaining 11 to 11 degrees at all times a small cut diamonds instead of SLR, and from 6 pm arched windows on both sides of the location of the calendar began in ascending descending order, while smooth triangular arch luminous hour and minute hands by coating, ruled polished cone bottom cover engraved with the constellations Observatory badge. Equipped with Omega 1532 quartz movement watch.

Hamilton watches

The President Series watch will be designed to focus on showing the last century, retro classic 30's style. Early in the 80's, 20's to 60's classic design will be re-introduced to Hamilton to watch design. People used to favorite Boulton, Ardmore, and Ventura series is inspired in the industrial sector and lead the fashion watch a classic whirlwind. In the 90s of last century, the brand is through the film "Men in Black," "Lethal Weapon 4," "Fight Club", "Independence Day", and "You've Got Mail" writing a Han Mier Washington and Hollywood, friendship. Women's fashion designer and stylist with eye-catching shapes and styles and embraced Hamilton watch, casting a large number of classical image. In the creation of a series of retro classics, the now classic style again Hamilton continues, watch for the use of new stainless steel case, case size 15 mm × 25 mm, square case with curved sapphire crystal glass just right to highlight the wearer's elegance, white mother of pearl dial, and 12 degrees at all times by a small Arabic decoration, very unique design allows bracelet watch with a sense of style.

Utility Wind

Longines PrimaLuna Watch

This Longines watch a launch on the sought after by thousands of elegant women, watch a variety of styles to choose from, there are stainless steel, 18K rose gold, 18K gold, or some combination of the material. The center used monthly series stainless steel case, streamline the design of the first case gives a very comforwatch feeling, watch the name " PrimaLuna", and "My Dear" harmonics, which is a metaphorical Order people pleasure, admiration, longing for the watch. Its design inspiration from the mysterious moon, the case mellow perfectly fit the curve of the wrist at the lady, with mother of pearl dial, dial or white dial with silver also available, at 3 o'clock on the dial with calendar display window, hour scale instead of the elegant Arabic numerals, three pointer on the dial slowly move a single minute to convey the passage of time. This is the Longines effort to build one of the series, simple and elegant watch designs, and styles available in three different sizes is a good choice for elegant women.

Swarovski D: Light Series watch

This is a very futuristic watch, as its D: Light line extension, new white models retained the first D: Light watch all the production and design features. Appears to form bracelet watch, inlaid with dots arranged in the rules 171 Shi Liang cut crystal. Of course, this is not just decoration, the time is through these crystal directions, they will change color, light and flashing, and sparkling blue line shows hours and minutes, and watch almost imperceptible edging crystal stainless steel made. In the functional design, the watch into a very sophisticated mechanical devices, as long as the touch of Swarovski swan logo with the oval buttons, small crystal on the dial will light up the soft blue, and maintain a few seconds to display the time. In addition, the production division in the case and some carved features Swarovski designs with stainless steel butterfly buckle with a large white rubber strap perfect combination of sleek smooth wrist strap Keyi sizing, watch can also be placed by Special design, integration of advanced sensor system of charging devices.

Gorgeous accessories - luxury jewelry female form

Diamond's gorgeous and stunning color treasure is the wrist of the most beautiful scenery. High prices less the jewelry watch, not common, at least not in every store in the. As the watch take into account the mosaic jewelry, and jewelry making are inseparable, some stones more rare thing, so even more valuable.

Diamond Ramada

Vacheron Constantin Lady Kalla Flame watch

Like fine jewelry and watches from the production of high-level master of rich imagination and deep technical accomplishments with their wonderful imagination will become reality. Launched last year, Vacheron Constantin Lady Kalla Flame watch this was to attract people, in addition to the gorgeous diamonds, as well as the first cutting process used in fine jewelry - diamond flame-cutting process. As its name implies, flame-cut diamond-cutting process through a special process makes the surface of the multiple facets of diamonds cleverly absorb light, make it like a bright flame. The process shows the ratio of the perfect diamond outline and soft, with 57 different cutting surface, the intersection of these facets are precisely designed to achieve a glossy, perfect brightness and diffuse light. In addition, the watch case and bracelet with 18K white gold bracelet natural convergence and natural design makes completely forget the existence of time.

Breguet watches Crazy Flower

Introducing this year's Breguet watch this Crazy Flower, although these are very luxurious watch the daily wear constraints can not be a common choice, but the production of master craftsmanship and precious stones will be the charm or admiration of many women. Pure diamond watch set with Mobile mosaic in their craft in one. Diamond cloth case with asymmetric square columns, and the smallest particles embedded in Central extends from the dial to the bezel area. The Smart and lively group of inlaid precious stones that shine bright maximum brilliance, diamonds on the case 116 along with a lengthy Manwu square. With oval-shaped dial, diamond dial paved the design to remove, do not set any complex function, only in 12 locations equipped with a brand Logo, 6 o'clock with hours, minutes show. Brilliant by the 206 dial diamond cutting method constitutes a "reverse" set in the concave, supplemented by a 20 hour scale consisting of a square diamond ring. Watch equipped with a 586 self-winding movement. Total weight of the entire watch inlaid diamonds over 36 carats each diamond have been fine mosaics, is worthy of a fine jewelry workshop from Breguet hands of a skilled craftsman in the making extraordinary.

Color Charm

Cheetah series of jewelry Cartier watch

As a production process with exquisite jewelry brand, Cartier never mean to show the advantages of its own, each year, will launch the brand to attain a number of fine jewelry watch, this year is no exception.

The world series of limited edition jewelry watches a cheetah, to build extravagant appearance, the shape the designer to show his bracelet, with 18K platinum, rhodium plating on it, watch the whole body covered with diamond-paved to form a perfect whole . At the same time the details, the designer also depicts a vivid picture of a cheetah that is quietly approaching from behind is a small turtle. Cheetah who mounted 59 sapphire, weighing approximately 6.9 kt, cheetahs and turtles and the turtle back of the eyes in that great big green agate shell materials are used. Equipped with quartz movement watch, dial head in Leopard, open the following is a luxury watch, jewelry together is a treasure.

Chanel Camelia Nervure jewelry watch

Chanel camellia to the endless inspiration in Chanel's world, to see that beautiful flowers everywhere in the figure, Camelia Nervure camellia jewelry watch is just one of many in the shadows of flowers. "Every pieces of jewelry, are timeless meaning." This is Coco Chanel's views on top jewelry.

Camelia Nervure camellia jewelry watch, a perfect and simple lines, with the outlines of the petals and the petals arc between the beautiful, with exquisite mosaic techniques, as a mirror reflecting a camel colored light. Watch in 18K white gold to create, in the costume of this material under the camellia in the embodiment of the colored gems, Ms. Chanel's favorite diamond was carved into the waves camellia petals, the petals of the top inlaid a 1.5 kt The oval-shaped diamond, watch the whole mosaic of 715 total total pink sapphire weighing 25.96 kt, and 902 weighing a total of 15.05 karats of brilliant diamonds. Superimposed with the layers of stones compared to the simple dial hours, minutes, designed to make the time showing a full light pleasure. Designers have only 12 o'clock "CHANEL" word. This luxurious and elegant piece of jewelry, is the rare treasures.

Accompanied with health - Easy Movement Ladies Watch

Love sports watch extreme sports like love itself, that women could find self. Ms. sports watch is not easy to choose the one hand, the functional to fit sports, according to local conditions; the other hand, can not watch too heavy, easy to wear feel important.

TAG Heuer F1 Ladies stainless steel ceramic watch

Astra Ho invited the tennis star Maria Sharapova in the design of this watch, the TAG Heuer, the dynamic of her temperament is very consistent with the demands of the new watch. 2005 F1 diamond watch TAG Heuer has been born, before that, men's watch TAG Heuer has always been market-oriented positions. Today, Ms. Heuer watch business has occupied 30% of total turnover, this occasion, Ms. Heuer F1 watch series and by pushing ceramic watches, ceramic is a pleasing delight, delicate touch of the material, It is smooth and warm but tough, durable, robust and refined material that has been favored by many women enjoy sports. Watch with stainless steel case, case diameter of 37 mm, bezel inlaid with diamonds, black dial sweep designed to clear the time goes to, 4 and 5 o'clock to open the calendar between the display window, and equipped crafted ceramic and stainless steel bracelets and butterfly clasp Gengrang watch dynamic.

Concord C1 Pure watch

Jun Wong C1 series on the success of their ability to master the functionality and appearance related, 44 mm case enough women to wear, and this size is also very eye-catching sports wear. Eight fixed slot on the bezel to watch highlights tough side, and the women's movement is consistent with the charm of the time. In addition to the original bracelet watch ear, you can more comfortably close to the wrist. Also watch the stereotypes and the general design of very different, watch the white color brings a continuous supply of motility. Designer dial with white glass fiber, creating the effect of light and relief, greatly enhance the sense of perspective and clarity of the watch. Luminous hour and minute hands, the use of sturdy and lively lines. It is worth mentioning that, irregular hollow design of the pointer, in the center axis to form a force, it requires specific skills and proficient to install from. Dial translucent window at 3 o'clock displays the date, 30 minutes and 12 hours with plate were placed in time 12:00 and 6:00 positions. 9 o'clock position of the second hand placed in a continuously rotating turnwatch with display, Small seconds Jun Wong also uses a unique blue watch, and the second hand on a plate attached to the scale echoes, is another highlight of the disk.

Challenge yourself - the female form complex functions

Complex functions as a male form has always been the monopoly of the female form has been stagnant. The reason, the first female watch size is too small, mechanical movement is not easy to install modules. Second, sales of the female form has been small, far from the extent of male form, there is no research necessary. Currently, the market gradually increased female form complex functions, impressive.

Harry Winston Diane by Harry Winton Diane minute repeater watch

Female form on the market generally slim design mainly limited by the thickness of the watch, is not common female form complex functions, while the three questions is even more rare. Now, as to enjoy the "Diamond King" reputation of the Harry Winston introduced this minute repeater watch, for all startled. Diane was inspired by the classic Roman goddess Diana, in the design, the designer still has highlighted the advantages of inlaid precious stones brand, the brand, the jewel case as part of the mosaic watch, with a broad boundless creativity, the use of 18K white gold case, case inlaid with diamonds and rubies. Covered in a layer under the enamel dial with the top five automatic device automatic devices for the five mini jewelry like a blossoming flower, is used to display hours, minutes, seconds, and features links to three asked the watch. When the three questions is activated automatically when the flowers on the chain, once the shape the movement of live together, watch automatic ring according to reports out of hours, quarter of an hour and minute, equipped with manual movement.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Ladies First

This is the Patek Philippe launched the first women's chronograph watch with 18K rose gold formed by the rounded corners of cushion shaped case, case on the side of the rectangle button operation timing mechanical design using the human body works, the movement stripes on the chain using the same is true of the crown. Decorated with carved patterns in the center of the matt black dial with two attached disk, 3 o'clock time with 30 minutes, small seconds at 9 o'clock for the drive, in particular, is located in the center of two plates are attached to the pointer spindle slightly biased under the position, and 30 minutes and small seconds, chronograph with disk drive much easier for the asymmetric scale out of this unique dial layout. Dial edge of the whole section 136 inlaid round diamonds, sapphire crystal glass in the micro-arc against the backdrop of more flash. This watch is equipped with hand-sewn alligator strap. In addition, the watch features precision timing to play also benefited from the CH 29-535 PS While this movement. Timing gear with mechanical movement Patek Philippe exclusive patented tooth, this unique profile can be eliminated when the timing function pointer starts jumping back and forth, thus limiting the time needle fibrillation, increased energy transfer efficiency and reduce internal friction and the movement wear and tear.

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