Best Selling Watch Brand in USA: Omega

Brand Watch News Report: Omega Swiss watch 130 countries around the world through outstanding dealers sell watches, each piece is a modern young people are "Hypnose in order," the wrist when the account on behalf of their "Omega World" the recognition and pursuit. In the "Omega World", there is accompanying human space Speedmaster Professional Series - the first one and only one "step the moon" and "Moon Watch"; as the designation twenty Olympic Games account, access to numerous accurate timepieces and the best design award. Omega is the world's eminent persons - including international supermodel Cindy Crawford and • Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher • an ineviwatch choice. In the U.S., Omega is the most popular, best-selling brand of watches.

Founded by the Louis Brandt in 1848, marked the Omega watch the glorious history of achievements, Leading the Way. Products as early as in 1892, Omega introduced the world's first watch a play spring, two years later, in 1894, produced 19 world-famous Omega Order movement, this movement was the manufacture of the revolutionary fusion of advanced technology, with its several outstanding features, such as to adjust the time the crown, by the official brand name is Omega, so the Omega became the leading Swiss watch manufacturers. Omega is the Greek alphabet the last letter, with perfect success, meaning beautiful and excellent. Since then, the Omega with its advanced technology combined with excellent art of watchmaking, position ourselves as the leading position altar watch, created numerous impressive achievements.

to the famous Greek temple, carved gold pocket watch for the 1900 Paris World Expo in Grand Prix Grand Award.

worked in two world wars by the U.S. and British air force watches for the specified acquisition.
The board astronomical timepiece set in 1933 and 1936, when the most accurate accounting records, and access to the KEW TEDDINTON Observatory officially recognized and adopted.
Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932 as the General Assembly designated time.
1932 launched the world's first piece of dive watch - Omega Marine Series
1937 Amelia Earhart flying women, will be wearing the Omega CHRO28.9mm Chronograph, to try her very best in the first flight of the equator.
Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, the United States since 1965 is not only astronauts and cosmonauts from the Soviet Union in 1975, the designation, is the first and only one piece of the moon watch.
1981/11/4, France diving experts Jacqnes Mayel, breaking his hand diving depth record of 101 meters, but also successfully tested the Omega Seamaster 120-meter Diving superior performance.
1993 launched Seamaster Professional Diving (water depth of 300 meters / 1000), the helium exhaust valve assembly to become the world's first push a button there, dive depth of 300 meters is still a functioning mechanical diving watch.
1994 launched the world's first steering wheel in the home a piece of Omega watches. Design awards in addition to watchmaking craftsmanship, the Omega, with its excellent design, over the years received numerous awards, including the International Diamond Award, Geneva City Award and the Golden Rose Award. Hedley famous sculptor in 1973 (Salvador Dali) female portrait sculptures created by La Premonitiondes Tiroirs, to dial to an Omega as its face.
Accurate record of the world
Omega timing equipment in the Neuchatel, Geneva and the base Kew-Teddinton organized by the Hong Kong Observatory exact match, winning 93 world records, of which 72 are new records, including Teddington Observatory 1936, the base of all Dragon items accurately to 100-point scale, the Omega timing equipment pick up a record high 97.8 points, the same tests in the future there is no timing equipment to break the success of other .

Omega can be said is the first implementation of international marketing and a pioneer of large-scale advertising campaign, the ads will not only make history, world-famous Omega brand, but also well-known form of advertising model. Today, Omega ambassadors of their family described as "household" - namely, Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher, Alexander Popov, Ernie Els. 1894-1914 were focused on early Omega ad text description of products and international exhibitions such as the Omega in the 1990 Paris World Expo's success. 1900, Omega employed graphic designer and artist in the advertising images to convey the message of Omega; include the famous painter BelleEpoqne scan PaulHelleu (1904), the commercial designer Leonetto Capptello (1914 years) and René Gruau.20 to 30's Since then, all ads are "message" oriented, from sports (the first piece of water watch), fashion and history to demonstrate different aspects of the fine traditions of the watch and the Omega excellent design. Use the same message repeatedly emphasized the skills, from 1927 to 1943, each with a banner ad are with the OMEGA - the right timefor life. 20 women's catalog also only use models, to highlight the feminine qualities Omega watch. 50 years in 1948 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Omega, the concept of global advertising to strengthen its market "penetration." Excellent marks for this created a "globally recognized" the image of a unified international advertising themes, applied to each level of a country - such as the 1948 slogan, "Omega, the world trust to the list of" success Omi create a distinctive image of eggplant; Today in the distribution network is still "benefit."

Omega Ambassadors family into the 90's, Omega's advertising strategy successfully created "Omega ambassador family", each of the "Omega ambassador" are in their professional field of endeavor of the international celebrities, they not only their self-confidence and full of ambitious career, the choice of watches are more unique vision, and they all are Omega watch as their best choice - such as supermodel Cindy • Crawford, actor Pierce • Bruce South, the world's youngest Grand Slam tennis champion Ma Dina • Hingis, Anna • Anna Kournikova, the world's fastest swimmer Alexander Popov, the former America's Cup champion Team Dean Baker, the top golf Ernie Els hand, Formula One champion Michael Schumacher •. Over the years, Omega has organized a number of high-level international publicity and creative activities - an unprecedented use of the Russian Mir space station, satellite direct dialogue with the astronauts to launch the first block of x-33 Mars watch. In 2002, the Omega in honor of the 30th anniversary of the last lunar landing, in particular, invited to the last moon of the United States of human astronauts Eugene Cernan • to Beijing, and has a five-year history of the Great Wall, and driving rover, feel From the ancient architecture of the most spectacular view on the Moon a wonderful feeling. In addition, Washington Square in New York held the highest point of "Hole", in imitation of San Francisco to the moon and the tram cars to "race", etc., all caused a sensation and attention.

In 1965, the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch - the first one is the only piece of the moon watch, the U.S. Department of Astronautics, after rigorous tests and was only use for all manned space flight program of the designation. A piece can withstand weightlessness, magnetic field, violent shock, impact and temperature of -18 ~ 93 chronograph. Since then, the Speedmaster as astronauts in space missions in all (including the 6 lunar missions) - Gemini to Apollo, the air laboratory to the space shuttle program in recent years - the only totally dependable clock.

Aerospace hero Neil Alden Armstrong successfully landed on the moon, first set foot on the lunar surface, record the Omega Speedmaster GMT July 21, 1969 Linger Fifty-six minutes when the historical moment. After five years (in 1970), Omega Speedmaster more in the history of space exploration has played a superb timepiece character, to help save the Apollo spacecraft thirteenth position due to fuel an explosion caused by the operation of the paralysis. With spacecraft commander Speedmaster worn hands to a very accurate calculation of the second rocket launch time to promote the successful re-activation of the engine, so smooth out of lunar orbit spacecraft safe return to Earth. Omega Speedmaster recognition of the entire rescue operation excellence, the U.S. Department of Astronautics Department's highest honor, in particular the "Snoopy Award" awarded to Omega, to thank Omega for human space exploration extraordinary contribution to the history. Today, the latest Speedmaster professional x-33 multi-functional watches forward toward Mars. Become the next space shuttle mission 100 and the Russian Mir space station astronauts wear timepieces, Omega once again pioneering a new era of human space exploration. And the United States, Europe and Russia, the astronauts and professional pilots jointly design, the latest Speedmaster Professional watch x-33 set when the most advanced technology and accounting functions in a completely peaceful cooperation in a manned space program in the task the stringent requirements of the experts. Since January 1998, the Russian Mir space station's three astronauts have started to wear x-33 watch. Professional Chronograph 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, the pointer returned by the Omega with the Olympic time-watch, and since then, Omega 60 years in a row for the Olympic Games, the 21th General Assembly designated time. Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, the Omega set foot on the podium, accepted the Olympic Cross, in recognition of its development in the world of sports contributions. Omega's glorious history in the international arena as impressive. First in 1963 to display thousands of the world's first minute of the end of the accuracy of photographic equipment, the world's first electronic timing device, created in 1961 during a one time event can be displayed on the TV screen devices Omega observation telescope instrument, and the swimming competitions in 1967 and launched a dedicated "Touch Pad" chronograph.

Photography - known as "Hawkeye," the superior technology will be introduced for this year's General Assembly timing equipment was introduced at the Olympic Games for the first time in 92 Omega adopted "Scan-OVision", electric eye scans the end, even under the faint light still five ten thousandths per second speed can capture moving images at high speed, accurate and correct. In addition, since 1982, was more modern gym and only use the world's giant electronic score screen, Omega is the device of the "inventor." Beginning of this century, Omega is not only specify the time the Olympic Games, while also a number of large international sporting events such as athletics, swimming, golf, sailing and car racing, as the General Assembly designated time.

Athletics - track and field world-renowned sports Gold four events - Oslo, Brussels, Berlin and Zurich, the General Assembly designated time Track and Field Invitational.

Swimming - Winnipeg, Canada at the 1967 Pan American in swimming, the Omega developed a new type of touch pad timing system - the principle is the two ends of each track are fitted with this system , system settings, sensor touch swimming pool only to respond to electronic records and imaging speeds of up to 100 images.

Golf - "Omega Tour" and OMEGA Hong Kong Open, much of Asia and the Middle East happenings are welcome. Since 2000, Omega began sponsoring Golf Omega European Masters "OMEGA European Masters", a year before the formal event, held at Omega will star celebrity golf tournament, to become world stars, celebrities, media and audience focus.

Racing - In 1998, Omega the use of special events designed for the advanced system for North America, Australia, Japan and Brazil stations tournament record time. Omega, with its superb technological excellence, the development of timing and scoring system, not only for the entry of vehicles to provide accurate time and fractional statistics, as well as staff, teams and the media to provide information on the fastest growing on-site events. Omega watch the same strain in the end of the service process and implement the concept in the international watch industry, greatly respected, it is also one of the few in the world today can maintain more than half a century of watch brands. Vintage Omega watches for customers with both a long old watch more unitary, Omega will spare no effort to serve you, to erase the vicissitudes of time, the glorious moments of history once again presented in your eyes. Because, the eternal "excellent quality" is the highest level of Omega watches pursuit.

Omega wrote numerous than the first, but also in many watchs show, for military purposes, the official time, sports competitions, chronometer certificate. so proud with outstanding performance, such as:

Omega for the first time in 1896 cut a striking figure in the watch show, won the gold medal in Geneva, the Swiss National Expo.

British Royal Air Force in 1917 as a combat regiment used the standard Omega features.
1932 first-time Olympic timepieces, and has up to 21 times. 1933 Omega became the Italian Air Force special watch.
1936 to create Kew / Teddington Observatory records all kinds of watches and clocks, new precision score of 97.8 points, since no one can break the record.
Omega 1946 chronometer certificate to obtain one hundred thousand.
Certificate of a majority of the Swiss Observatory in 1962 (50.5%) were awarded to Constellation.
1963 Speedmaster was selected NASA official timer.
1967 Omega Hong Kong Observatory to obtain one million certificates.
1972 Omega Hong Kong Observatory received two million certificates.
1974 introduced the world's only marine chronometer certificate to obtain Omega "Million quartz 2400" watch.
1983 to obtain one hundred thousandth Zhang Shiying Omega chronometer certificate; set up a special preservation of historical relics of the Omega Omega Museum.
The Soviet Union in 1989, Omega became the astronauts dedicated watch.
The corporate brand in the World Brand Lab prepared in 2006, "World Top 500 Brands" list ranked two hundred and tenth.

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