world's third largest jewelry brand: Bvlgari

taly's Bulgari (Bvlgari), following the French Cartier (Cartier) and the United States Tiffany (Tiffany) after the world's third largest jewelry brand.

This brand comes from the Greek, founder Gary Epirus region of Greece as a silversmith.


In 1879, Suodiliao his family immigrated to Naples, Italy, in Rome in 1884 he opened a silver shop, which sells beautiful silver sculpture.

To the early 20th century, Suodiliao two sons have grown up, they began to keen on making gemstone jewelry. Studied for many years in the business sense from his father after the two brothers eventually took over completely in 1930, family sale, and began carefully to create their jewelry kingdom.

The early years of the 20th century, in Europe and the United States in the jewelry industry to the most popular French style, jewelry themes and choice of materials have certain rules. To the last century 40's, Bulgari from Italy took the lead to break this tradition. Its production to jewelry design essence of color, originality to use many different colored gems to match combinations of different materials and then use the base, to highlight the dazzling gem colors. To make a more complete color gemstones, Bvlgari jewelry in its first use on a semi-precious stones such as coral, amethyst, tourmaline, topaz, olivine, etc.. Bvlgari product color is rich and often stunning.

To make the color gemstone jewelry produced rounded soft feel, Bulgari started to improve the East round convex cutting popular method to replace the multiple round convex gem stones cutting surface. This was the trend of European and American tradition of jewelry is counted as one has the impact of innovation. In addition, Bvlgari created a heart-shaped gem cut method, and many other new and unique mosaic shapes, which was surprise. In fact, today, these have gradually developed into jewelry production standards.


Since the last century 40's, Bulgari into diverse stages of development, launched a fine watch as fashion accessory, and with the jewelry, silver series, as third-line development. After World War II, in order to meet the diverse needs of life when people, Bvlgari make persistent efforts to expand the scope of its fine glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. But even today, Bulgari also has maintained the form of workshop production, which makes their works of art with exquisite hand-feeling, but also the art technology in both deep breath, have a high collection value.

Greek and Roman classical combination, together with the Italian manufacturing exquisite art, created a unique style of Bulgari products. It is with color art of streamer-lovers, the glitz, alternate interpretation of fashion and elegance. Over the years, fans Bvlgari products both members of the royal family, politicians celebrities, movie stars, but also the middle class achievers. Italian actress Sophia Loren, once served as spokesman for Bulgari jewelry.

Since 1970, Bulgari has accelerated the pace of entering the international market. During this period, New York, Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo and other major cities around the world have opened Bulgari boutiques. Today, Bvlgari for nearly 160 worldwide boutiques, is the world's top ten fashion groups. After four generations of the Italian brand's efforts, is clearly a sign of exquisite taste of life. It is an absolute top Italian boutique, all kinds of fashion in the annual rankings, has been one of the world's leading brands Jinbang.

In 1964, the star Sophia Loren's Bulgari necklace stolen gem, he has many jewels of Italian beauty immediately burst into tears, heartache. Historically, several Roman princess had to be unique and Bulgari jewelry, at crazy to territory in exchange for ... ... Rome, Italy, since 1884, founded Bvlgari (Bvlgari) is more than a century, Bvlgari jewelry and its parts for its beautiful design firmly conquered all like Sophia Loren love fashion as the women's heart. Group as a top brand, Bvlgari products include not only the only jewelry, and more watch, perfume and jewelry, etc., and their respective Bvlgari Bulgari Group has now become one of the world's three jewelers. Bulgari has a deep bond with the diamond, the diamond jewelry has become the largest jewelry brand characteristics.

Bvlgari in China

Bvlgari is Bvlgari's name in Chinese, is a star color. Fact, Bvlgari jewelry and accessories in the world's major awards ceremony has become the first choice for celebrities to wear. Mr. Bulgari current CEOFrancescoTrapani that the collection of Bvlgari him a "modern classic" characteristics of both classical elegance, but also elements of modern innovation, this feature has been so highly regarded Bvlgari. The end of 2003, Bvlgari into China, for China's many fashion consumers, this comes from Italy's top brands strange. How Bvlgari cultural connotation of the brand passed to the Chinese consumers is essential, and set up wholly-owned investment boutique is a very important to understand way, the spring of 2006, Bulgari to open stores in Guangzhou La Perle This is Bvlgari's first entry into Guangzhou, while the shop will also be the Bvlgari flagship store in China's largest, high-end brands to consumers in southern China could close a taste of the top brands Bvlgari charm. Mainland China store sales were also included in the global system, consumers in China and other countries can simultaneously see the Bvlgari consumers the latest products.

According to reports, Mainland consumers not only with the world an insight into the latest products, but also enjoy the price line with international standards of treatment. Mainland consumers to avoid the tariffs for reasons of foreign luxury brands must pay higher prices, Po Grit to set the price line of the mainland of China, and Hong Kong that the price of similar products sold only to the mainland than a 200 yuan because Bulgari Group hopes are none to attract those who support the brand. Its flexible marketing strategy is evident.

Chinese store

Beijing: The Peninsula Hotel
Trade Mall
Shin Kong Place
Intime Lotte
Beijing Capital International Airport T3-E (Duty Free)
Shanghai: Hang Lung Plaza
Guangzhou: La Perle
Hangzhou: Hangzhou Building Shopping Mall, Block B
Nanjing: Deji Plaza
Shenyang: Zhuo Show Mall
Chengdu: Renhe Spring
Harbin: McKay Music Shopping
Suzhou: Metro Mall
Tianjin: Friendship Commercial Building

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