Aflex launched new structure

Epworth time (Alfex) Swiss watch brand, founded in 1948, headquartered in Switzerland, Lugano. Products are sold in over 50 countries. Has produced more than 70 members of the elite watches.

In 1981, the brand owner Hans U. Saurer restructuring Switzerland Aihua, the for-money concept, the ultimate produced, leading the design level and become the classic guide Epworth Masterpieces of independent brands. Even today, successful management means, the perfect combination of art and technology, full team, some of them award-winning international top watch designers.

In 1997, Michela Bressan over sales and marketing work. Since 2001, she became the able partner Hans U. Saurer. Together with the development of Germany's top designer Georg Plum Aihua, the Epworth will stick to their style, survived. From now on, a perfect product line being launched new structure.

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