Citizen opens a new image as a spokesperson Takeshi Kaneshiro

August 1, 2010, Citizen (China) Co., Ltd announced Watch: The international star Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro officially opened its new image as a spokesperson. Meanwhile, the Citizen has published a "great innovations, from a strong will power" as the theme of the new advertising image. It is reported that China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia will be synchronized to enable the latest quarter Citizen advertising image.

As outlined in the latest advertising theme, Citizen has the innovative spirit of Bing Chengyong not stop: from research and development to the kinetic energy of light wave technology, to launch the first family of super titanium watch, Citizen at the level of technology and products made many industry-leading innovation. To allow the public to better comprehend the inner spirit of its brand: the wisdom, passion and strong will power, the official signing Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro Citizen and launched a new advertising image, to let those creative and have a unique perspective and always be in front Citizen of people fully aware of "innovative thinking."

Commenting on the collaboration with Takeshi Kaneshiro, Citizen relevant responsible person said: As a star with international influence, Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro, whether in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan or Singapore, Malaysia, all have high popularity; while its mature, wise and full of strong will power of personal image, and the Citizen continuing commitment to innovation and product development coincides with the brand spirit, making him the interpretation of Citizen "Creative Thinking" brand philosophy best.

With Takeshi Kaneshiro and a high degree of understanding between the Citizen brand, this group of photographers from the world-renowned ad film progressed very well. Around the "great innovations, came from a strong will power," this show to the public, Takeshi Kaneshiro Citizen's new image: In an atmosphere full of metal texture, tough capable of Takeshi Kaneshiro feel like being in the future world, perfect interpretation of the wisdom, passion and strong will power of personal image, in order to effectively deliver the Citizen "innovative thinking" brand philosophy.

It is understood that Takeshi Kaneshiro shooting at commercials wear two watches were Citizen flying Eagle series and BY0020-59E Super Citizen Titanium Series CA0021-53E. Both Citizen watch embodies innovation and technology: the use of optical kinetic energy of radio technology to achieve a near perfect watch to time the automatic management; "super titanium" is to watch more light wear, while the effective Prevention of metal allergies, allow consumers to fully experience the convenience brought by innovation and technology. In and strives to bring high end products and high standards of service at the same time, Citizen hopes on a new brand image promotion and advertising spokesperson for "innovative thinking" in the brand concept enjoys popular support.

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