a long history with the connotation of the brand: Aesiri

Aesiri to provide Asia's first popular brand of fashion jewelry and apparel shopping website. Customers around the world each month to bring Europe and the United States, Asia, well-designed brand designer jewelry. Ai Seli efforts to create intelligent e-commerce, so that customers can choose to immediately after Aesiri experts had selected the goods, rather than just ordinary electrical goods lay out business, but Aesiri also has service planning team for customers provide more features for customers and who can enjoy the wonderful gifts but surprise shopping trip.

Aesiri that the luxury brand is the core of a long history with the connotation of the brand, work out the life experiences behind the extremely high added value, in jewelry as a leader in luxury, brand jewelry, brand value and jewelry allowed maximize the value of their own, so that customers can fully experience its brand to bring high quality, beauty, awareness and mental joy, and most importantly, customers to its brand value and spirit of the SO.

Aesiri is committed to provide customers with Europe and the United States and Asia are well-known brand goods jewelry and accessories, so that we can enjoy the magnificent most reasonable price and high quality luxury jewelry. Unlike other self jewelers, require a lot of certificates and ultra-low prices open the market, brand building, Aesiri have come from around the world, professional jewelry designers and jewelry buyers, jewelers from the well-known brands in the world for customers collecting the maximum cost-effective fashion jewelry and art treasures. Both the brand value, style, quality and reputation are completely inherited the brand has been recognized by the public to break was dubbed in the country like to buy the certificate to buy jewelry statement.

Aesiri's product planning group of experts, mostly from France European Business School (INSEAD) and Savannah College of Art and Design (France) (SCAD-Lacoste) and get a luxury master Michel, Sheva that (Michel Chevalier) President of it completely, management and luxury in the luxury discerning choice of material. Aesiri to provide customers with a wide range of jewelry products, suiwatch for all ages on different occasions and different seasons, different times of need. Aesiri's operations team also operates the world-renowned Chinese watches portal - Love Watch Network, founded in 2003, has been among the global network of love form a pivotal watch the first Chinese portal.

Aesiri, a time to love the beautiful bloom, let a gem in your hand never forget the moment the right heart. Immediate action to register for our members, so that our common witness to your beautiful story.

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