ARNOLD & SON creating a milestone in watchmaking

Mr. ARNOLD & SON watch a production history porwatch computing longitude at sea navigation equipment watchmakers, ARNOLD & SON pinpoint navigation in the sea side bell, creating a milestone in watchmaking. ARNOLD & SON watch brand's ownership of The British Masters, to highly complex calculations of astronomy, calendar, world-famous marine surveyors.

Early in the 18th century, the human race began sailing exploration adventure. British watchmaking genius John Arnold is committed to developing the sea master precise positioning navigation minutes, the timer can be said to be a pioneer in navigation, for the tabulation process and created a new milestone.

The beginning of the 15th century Age of Enlightenment, to promote human for art, literature, astronomy, science and other fields, becoming the spirit of interest and research. With the wisdom of the open, humans invented numerous tools to help life or adventure, but adventure has enough land to satisfy their curiosity, then, sailing into another world of a wait for the reclamation. Therefore, in the long history of watchmaking, the navigation timer R & D also plays a decisive role.

1787 John Arnold and his son John Roger Arnold, to set up his own company and brand name "ARNOLD & SON". Subsequently, this father and son jointly developed the unique style of watch brands has become the mainstream style. Only Horent rose gold watch full flavor of high-precision instruments. That turn the time scale and the density a large number of indicators and the crown, will make a real mechanical fans wild.

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