Swiss Bulova watch

In 1875, a 23-year-old Czech immigrant to the U.S. of young Joseph. Bulova (Joseph Bulova) in New York to open a jewelry and watch stores, lay a hundred years for the Bulova Foundation.

In 1911, Bulova began production and sales of desktop clock and pocket watch. Unprecedented sales.

In 1912, Bulova watch factory first started production in Bienne, Switzerland, the production name watches.

In 1919, during World War I, watch (and watch comparison) reflected the convenience.

In 1919, Bulova introduced the first complete line of men's watches.

In 1920, Bulova 580 Fifth Avenue, the relocation and set up the Observatory on top of buildings, observing the stars in order to record the time. This was the first skyscraper built in the astronomical observatory. Observatory observed the time is sent to hundreds of feet below the timer on the tab guide Bulova watch time craftsmen set unification.

In 1923, Bulova company named. Bulova clocks improved the standard system components. Every parts are accurate to 1% inches, the same style watch the same components, because of the same size, have interchangeable assembly. This is to watch the traditional craft industry, can be described as a great innovation.

In 1924, Bulova introduced the first President Watch Series, started to watch on the diamond inlay.

1928, created the world's only radio alarm clock.

In 1945, Joseph Bulova watch school enrollment in World War II disabled veterans, training them to manufacture clocks. Funded by the Bulova Fund, set up automatic doors in schools and extra-wide lift settings.

In 1952, Bulova began to develop a tuning fork watch, a fully electronic timing by the clock, ensuring daily accuracy is within 2 seconds. This 300-year history of clocks is the first time.

In 1960, Accutron tuning fork the surface world. Tuning fork watch does not use springs and escapement device, but through the use of electronic and rotating a tuning fork operation, the invention known as the watch manufacturer in the history of three centuries one of the greatest inventions.

In 1968, Bulova Satellite Clock available. It is the world's first satellite transmission of microwave control by the timing of the public clock, the device top of the tallest skyscraper in Mexico.

In 1969, the assembly of the Bulova tuning fork movement of the time watch apparatus, the first landing on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts placed on the moon.
In 1973, the famous Geneva watch design competition, won the world's first digital watch design awards.

In 2000, the mayor of New York in recognition of Bulova 125 years the contribution of the altar on the international watch, will be Oct. 4, 2000 as the "Bulova" day.
In 2002, Bulova company set up European headquarters in Switzerland FRIBOURG, producing original Swiss Bulova watch.

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