Bovet collection Fleurier & Sportster

China, Qianlong period from the beginning, Bovet (Bovet) is to watch China's "synonymous." Thoughts back to 180 years ago, China was on to the palace of the emperor down to the marketplace of merchants, among them the table can see Bovet figure. For Chinese people, Bovet table position in people's minds is no substitute.

1797, in Fleurier a tab master's home, a boy named Edouard Bovet was born. Affected by his father, he loves to study small clocks. 17 years old, Edouard end watches apprentice status, left the Fleurier, and two brothers, Alphonse and Frederic with the workers went to London when the clocks. At that time London has become Europe's trade and table clocks factory headquarters.

1818, Edouard as a job well done, the company has been serving Magniac and sent to the Western world was the only open port - Guangzhou, this time not only the achievements of the Oriental Bank of Bovet Edouard empire, but also so that he and China forged a indissoluble bond. 1822 (Qing reign), Edouard Swiss brand founded in Guangdong Bovet, production is still based in Switzerland. Few years later, Bovet become a Chinese name, "Bovet," the Swiss top brand, and they are being set up branches in Macau and Shanghai.

Bovet pocket watch was manufactured in the top popular, especially in the Qing Dynasty royal families, Li Qing minister who is Bovet preferences. "Bovet" word, that is, at the time clock was intended. In 1824, Bovet began producing for the Chinese market was semi-circular enamel glaze and pearl decoration on the table, to meet the Chinese "dual gifts" habits. At the same time a more tailored Qing imperial painting a variety of Queen's pocket watch, ladies photo shows the Chinese landscape and the title is still in the Beijing Palace Museum collection and the Patek Philippe Museum.

Today, Bovet has developed two major series: First, the treasures of the town of brand Fleurier (complex form), ideas derived from nineteenth-century pocket watch style, with serpentine line of blue steel needle, set at 12 o'clock position and the jewel hand-circular arch antique pocket watches surface marker. Second, Sportster (Sports Series) Automatic Chronograph watch, every piece of the table have been certified Ruishi Guan Fang Tianwen Bureau of the astronomical tables.

Unique Bovet watch pocket watch in shape to reproduce the ancient charm, from its founding, each watch engraving, stone setting and the processes of painting enamel designs are exclusively produced by the staff, so to maintain the annual output of more than 1000 pieces only , of which Liu Cheng is the world's only this one over. Because it is manually produced, even with a watch also differ, so each piece is unique, and watches including limited edition and special edition, absolutely precious, worthy of collection. Roy said the spokesman, a large surface, thick leather or steel strap, thick body and so the table with "masculine" gas has not only for the men love watches, mechanical watches began to attract more and more women sought after, so watch and Bovet no distinction between men and women installed for all to wear. Roy said that the production time for a Bovet watch an average of four to six months, if more complex forms of production time is more than a year, these tables in the production process used large quantities of gold, but of which two-thirds of Kim Production will be picked to go, so each piece of the table are invaluable.

Bovet Pascal Raffy company's current president, said: "I just assumed Bovet president duties, I soon found that our customers have one thing in common - they will watch as a modern art form. "In each table have a distributed Bovet a keen artistic sense of beauty, we can see a number of complex functions using the table in Bovet, from the rotating tourbillon device, the three asked to play spring timekeeping, perpetual calendar, moon phase to the profit and loss display, multi-function timing, etc., which again reflects the Bovet table goal - creation of art and technology combined with the highest level of the watch.

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