Carl F. Bucherer perpetual calendar moonphase watchs

In 1888, Carl F. Bucherer and his wife Luise in Lucerne's Falkenplatz opened its first jewelry store watches. They are a successful husband and wife: his entrepreneurial qualities, the artist talent and the popular trend and the keen nose for social trends, just his wife's pragmatic and management capabilities is a perfect complement. Their success, as we know it today, Bucherer Group laid a solid foundation.

In 1910, Carl F. Bucherer realized that the two sons of his father's vision, his brother Carl Eduard trained as a goldsmith in London, while his younger brother Ernst in the St.Imier a professional watchmaker. They inherited the parents of the broad knowledge, and lead the company into a new career peak. As the strict father's instructions, they set up distribution points throughout the whole of Switzerland.

In 1919, Carl and Ernst Buchere more formal set up their own watch factory and the brand to achieve its business vision.

In 1915 and 1923, Bucherer watch and jewelry fame quickly engulfed the entire German high society. This was the famous restaurant Bucherer emblem symbolize the noble status of the Royal watch experts.

1967, Bucherer Group acquired Credos Swiss watchmaking district Nidau (near Biel) of the watchmaker, and renamed the Bucherer Montres SA. During the same period, Bucherer watch, together with other nine co-investment business, and research and development to create the first Swiss quartz movement - Beta21.

Between 1968 to 1976, Bucherer Group, a leader among the watches and clocks, and the Observatory in Switzerland, the official COSC certification is the world's top three ranking. During this period, Bucherer Group annual production of nearly 15 000 watch has a COSC certified Observatory. In 1978, Bucherer Group is world's first production with the official Observatory certified manufacturer of quartz watches.

Nearly a century of years, Bucherer With restless creativity and superb watchmaking expertise makes a unique modern design and mechanical technology to seamlessly integrate. Bucherer watches in the jewelry, also, the achievements of all the precious stones are embedded under strict carefully hand-finished, Bucherer watch exquisite interpretation of the noble masterpiece. Bucherer Group today by the family's third generation descendant Jr.G.Bucherer at the helm, he has become the world's leading Watch and Jewellery maker.

Aoqimide 18K rose gold automatic perpetual calendar moon phase watchs

A long history in Europe, renowned jewelry watches retail dealer Bucherer Group is not only strong retail dealer, is a successful manufacturer of watches and jewelry. Since 1888, Bucherer Group has begun to establish its own retail network and watch from the factory to start building in 1919, when the total production. Today, Bucherer Group's brand Carl F. Bucherer Carl F. Bucherer has established reputation in the international market, export figures continue to grow rapidly.

Bucherer outside the market in recent years, very active in Switzerland, one after another in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Taiwan, Germany, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Singapore-listed, and deep well received by consumers. In Hong Kong, Bucherer has become the 2003 and 2004 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Official watches, 2003, Faye Wong is also the main sponsor of the concert and watch the specified number of concerts, the limelight can be described as a time without the two.

Bucherer is committed to the development of precision mechanical watches, watches in the series and so on Archimedes Aoqimide series of very superior. Archimedes Aoqimide 18K rose gold automatic perpetual calendar moon phase watch is a durable running eternally watch. Its mechanical precision and detailed, accurate timekeeping is particularly more moon phases display and automatic response to a leap year day of the month to adjust the length of the function. In addition, when the wrist activities, automatically set to help watch automatic chain. The transparent bottom of the watch, the movement operation at a glance. Special waterproof apron and into the screw, waterproof 30 meters. Because its production is a complex only produce 25 per year.

Aoqimide series is Carl FBucherer Bucherer designers of the best design, marked Bucherer watch design milestone. Winning is refining its detailed structure, the oldest eternal design wins in the vanguard leading the trend, bringing a timeless beauty of the wearer. Archimedes is represented Bucherer since 1919, dedicated to the watch technology, research and excellence on the details of the determination, the letter expressed "no drift" of the brand idea. Bucherer watch the code not only expensive but also said the philosophy of life of its customers.

New ALACRIA Series

The new series certainly make people everywhere ALACRIA Yali Jia exclaimed: hand-slim case, bright color and glittering diamonds bracelet, so time to indulge in leisurely pleasant atmosphere and allow the gentle mature Women excited to add the moving atmosphere.

Women's feminine curves arc fully shown the design, coupled with 18K gold case, 18K white gold or stainless steel, the penetration in soft magnificent. Two different diamond inlay process, leaving towering eye-catching dazzling diamonds distributed light, dazzling God wins. The diamonds were hand-inlaid technology, so watch this series even more expansive.

ALACRIA  have a range of colors and elegant of the strap for Pei Chen, allow the President's sentiments fully shown without losing elegant personal style. ALACRIA Alice Jiali Zhen perfect aesthetic standards, do make every women has a connotation of the city was fascinated, too attached to the endless. ALACRIA Yali Jia has been designated as the Carl F. Bucherer Carl F. Bucherer's key series, in fact, highly collectible classic watch.

Carry last year, Carl F. Bucherer Carl F. Bucherer continue to be a Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2004 Official watches. As ALACRIA Yali Jia family characteristics and the elegant grace of Miss Hong Kong image coincide, ALACRIA Yali Jia Series was selected as Miss Hong Kong is also a matter of course watches.
18K gold diamond watch, 102 VVS diamonds, total weight of 1.71 karats, together with the brown python belts and mother of pearl face.

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