Badollet and its history

"Badollet" from Geneva has a long history of watchmaking family name, its origin dates back to 1655. Deep historical background in addition to his descendants and the experience of working Breguet master, so that the reputation of this famous family watch overseas, has been continuity in the family business has over Geneva, London, Paris and Philadelphia, until the mid-20th century, due to turbulence The only pause times in addition successors down. In 2006, some watch collectors from Germany, and financial investors to the old brand again resumed again.

"Badollet" The name originated in a country with international links, Geneva watches manufacturing family ('Badollet' family members living in Paris, because Breguet prestigious work together; in London, also a member of the family set up New Geneva New American City of Geneva.) When asked whether the family's history when only a pretext, Aldo Magada excuse for the name of choice. Instead, he affirmed that "we do get inspiration from history, from the source of these watches, so that we can predict their own future. Badollet family legend that we are given a course of action. They had been interested in the process of his own time industrialization watch manufacturers, and through sustained continuously for technic thinking will separate themselves from Taren area Lai. For example, a Jiao Jean Badollet of Cheng Yuan Zai Geneva in 1689 published an item entitled 'watch Xue of the essence' of the small Lun Wen Jiu reflects the Thought this technology. "

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