Blancpain the world's most compact, thinnest watch mechanical design

If you want to write a love of the watch most online brand personality, it must be a Blancpain, it is considered the ancestor of watch, never popular with wave flow produced quartz watch.

When Calvin was convicted of wearing jewelry after the incident, more than 100 goldsmiths from Geneva lost their jobs, these people are proficient in carving, grinding, cutting of the system and create ornaments of ordinary workers, but also excellent mechanic.

Nantes Act was repealed, the Huguenots fled from France to Switzerland, had sought refuge in Geneva, many of them are skilled watchmaker. Life in the refuge, these shores of Lake Geneva watchmaker often exchange of experiences with the local goldsmith. These skills skilled, creative refuge left a large number of Protestants from France to Geneva, eventually gathered in this city of more than 500 watchmaker, these craftsmen are constantly looking for new ideas. In 1601, they established the world's first watch company. Soon, these people felt very limited in Geneva, he left Geneva, through the farms and towns, from Vaud to Basel, and finally got Jura mountains.

The ultimate impact of their migration 100 years later, Jia Khan, Jacques Blancpain Jehan · Jacques · Blancpain, he trades in 1735 involved watchmaker, famous. Jacques Pupa growth in French-speaking Jura, his hometown is the mountains, winding river flowing through the Wei Lete Sushi Villaret village, surrounded by Pupa farm. Beginning with the Jurassic mountains, like most people, Jia Khan, Blancpain watches only made accessories. But soon, he began to produce a complete watch.

In the late 18th century, the son of Jacques Blancpain Blancpain David Lewis started selling her clocks in neighboring countries. Whenever the number of clocks to complete, he took them loaded carriage or wagon ride e-mail sent to foreign customers of these clocks hands. But did not last long, and soon the arrival of the French Revolution to make them into a corner. But even in that difficult time, Blancpain or expand his business into continental Europe. To 1815, purely commercial venture, he established a small watch factory in Blancpain marked. Since then, Blancpain watches became a pioneer of genius, his creative spirit of innovation and gather the courage to write history again and again.

Early 20th century, according to the world's first inventor of an automatic winding watches --- (John · Harwood) requirements, Blancpain started mass production of automatic chain watches, and the products sold to the French market. In 1931, the famous Paris-based (Leon · Hatot) Jewelry Design Institute request to the name of Blancpain launched the famous "Rolls Automatic watch. Early in 1950, the famous The Blancpain "50-foot dive watch" group members wearing the wrist in the Jacques Cousteau, the world was the strongest with 50 feet (91.5 meters) water resistant watch, they reflect the marine world for a documentary "The Silence of the World" and was the 1956 Cannes Film Festival awards, and subsequently by many countries as standard equipment the Navy. In the same year, he introduced a small circle was the most mechanical watches, "lady bird", highly Ladies of all ages.

Since 1735, Blancpain has never produced quartz watch, since they would never, even this principle was later to become the company's advertisements. In fact, Blancpain quartz watch not only renounced even that will not use the ETA of the movement. In fact, to have such determination and courage, and the movement comes from the name of the main plant Frederic · Piguet partnership. Frederic · Piguet was founded in 1853 in LeBrassus movement factory dedicated to the production of traditional high-quality ultra-thin movement, and complex movement, Swatch Group is also attached to the unit, and has several factories in the Neuchatel region. He not only provides the necessary kinds of Blancpain movement, while still many famous watch factory as Cartier Cartier, Chopard Chopard, Corum, etc. Kunlun watch supplier. However, to the uniqueness of Blancpain, Blancpain models do not provide to the outside.

To reflect the Blancpain over two and a half century in the basic value of acquired technology, can be summarized into several points, they are also the future of this brand line and the basis for development: The first watch of the brand world, a model of watchmaking art , round watches model, a cultural heritage, all hand-manufacture and assembly of watches.

1956 launch of the world's most delicate structure of the "Ladybird" wrist-hours.
1984, the world's first structure of the most tiny, can be displayed on phases, week, month and date mechanical watch
1988 created the world's most compact, slim time in three repeater watch
1989 to create two world records: the world's thinnest record time made watches, and the altar watch in the history of the unique automatic double-pointed needles watch section.
1990 scale new precedent: launched its first and only displays eight days of the date and storage power Tourbillon mechanical timepieces.
1991 Blancpain Art in the six classics in the watch, were integrated into the same style within the case, and finally, even when the six classic account of the unique feature set to "1735", another initiative called the altar watch.
Blancpain in 1993 to commemorate the birthday of the founder Jehan-Jacques Blancpain Le Brassua 300 in Switzerland's Blancpain watch company created the 7001 series.
2100 sports watch series launched in 1994
1995 Blancpain historic year: 2100 series selected as the 1995-96 "Best watch."
1996 Blancpain create a new machine when the 100 hours total for 2100 series sections of the sign (moon phases, thin and calendar). The world's first built-in Pioneer Women's Flyback Chronograph watch system.
2000 series: ultra-thin watch, the surface is only 36 mm in diameter, with power reserve display options.
First watch the latest automatic Ladybird series, built a small auto design - the world's most compact, thinnest watch mechanical design. 2001,2385 Series Women returning to its excellent design watch by Geneva Green He Governance Award, is the only Swiss ladies watches ever award.
2002,4053 series was "watch in 2002" Public Jury Award.
2003,4082 series by the Austrian magazine named the best in the world watch.
2004,6223 Platinum Award shall be Geneva, Switzerland, watch the best ultra-thin watch award.
2004,4238 Series "equation of time" was the only gold medal the Basel watch.
2005, 270 anniversary of Blancpain launched limited edition of eight sets of "Apotheosis" Collection Set, include complicated mechanical watches produced eight features, watch making history on behalf of another peak.

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