Bell & Ross and its great success

Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich the story into the watch industry, dating back to 1992. They were both 28 years old. "We are friends, and we have a common hobby - watch," Carlos Rosillo recalls, he made us welcome into the cell at one of Paris's most luxurious rue Saint-Honore 350 number of the brand headquarters.

Their adventure started almost a failure. To get the diploma, Bruno Belamich will issue a watch was being developed to teach his group. It was an ambitious 'classy' plan. However, where a professor expressed a deep suspicion, urged his colleagues not to approve. Fortunately, the other professors do not agree that the dissenting professors, they adopted the idea of the young. More legendary, we should mention, critical members of the group who, once the flower of the French Japy the last time as manager. "At that time, he had to lay off 3,000 employees", Carlos Rosillo recalled, he seems to be personal and not very sweet.

Rosillo added, "Although we are French, but we are not French watchmaker. French watchmaking industry has traces of the muffler cover. Because it refused to choose between low and high end market has been transformed into death Valley. but we have chosen the high end. This is our reason for the Swiss-made watches. "

Bell & Ross, Swiss made, of course, is almost entirely Swiss products, Carlos Rosillo explained, "only exception strap is manufactured in Belgium." Strictly speaking, the brand is not difficult to start. Initially, our two partners, invested 20,000 euros per person per show. Japanese watches and old magazines in which readers Bruno Belamich a magazine read an article about a living in Frankfurt, Germany, named Helmut Sinn famous watchmakers. After a meeting, co-operation began. Sinn designed the first series, using the Valjoux and Lemania 5100 Swiss movement. Rosillo said, "He's helping us on the horse."

The first series and the first product catalog created. At the same time, Bell & Ross that the two young owners to another famous experts, IWC nations Lothar Schmidt, director of production at that time for help. Later, in 1995, their watches, international watch fairs in Basel initial appearance. Some scenes were difficult to accept that today looked back on it and people feel happy. Rosillo and Belamich watch them be placed in a booth in the Twingo car as the car location close distance, because of this, buyers, including some prestigious people, can not miss this young team. Bell & Ross was a great success.

In 1997, eager to start but shortage of funds and Chanel Chanel Rosillo and Belamich signed a financial agreement, Chanel has become the company despite holding a minority stake in a significant shareholders but to enable them to function properly. Manufacturing facilities are located in Switzerland, Chatelain, while the plant is located in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

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