Antoine Preziuso wonderful interpretation

1957 Anthony - Pei was born in Geneva, repair factors.

7-year-old in 1964 when Anthony Bae repair factors assemble his first watches.

1978 Anthony - PEI watch repair factors graduated from Geneva, employed by Patek Philippe; two years later, he was invited to chair Antiquorum (Antiquorum) first clockwork, major renovation and repair to help collectors assess their watches .

1989, Anthony - PEI repair factors to accept the appointment Breguet, the three asked to join the development calendar watch (Minute-Repeater Watches With Perpetual Calendar).

1991 Anthony - PEI repair factors to produce his first three questions only calendar watches. This watch's outer ring rotation starter, also applied for a patent. This year, Anthony - PEI repair factors also won the Geneva Seal (Poinçon de Genève), which is the Swiss watch industry's highest honor.

1996, Anthony - PEI repair factors to the Association of Independent tabulation (AHCI) the first time as a member of the Basel watch show, exhibiting their work.

2000, "Antoine Preziuso Genève" brand from a small workshop into a mature company.

2002 Basel Watch Fair (Basel Fair), the Anthony - PEI repair factors released the world's first watch made use of meteorite material to become "Antoine Preziuso Genève" brand landmark sign. In the same year, the invitation should Hai Winston brand, Anthony - PEI repair factors also designed the Opus featuring watches, the world's limited 12.

Tab 2005 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of independence, Anthony Bae repair factors introduced three Tourbillon (3 Volution Triple Tourbillon) series.

Antonio in April 2007 - PEI repair factor was first introduced, the complexity of fine jewelry inlaid outstanding mechanical models.

Anthony, 2008 - PEI repair factors to the formal launch in April the latest watches B-Side.

Anthony - PEI repair factors for the 2008 new B-Side Watch

Anthony - PEI repair factors for the 2008 new B-Side watches. This assembly AP2008 Tourbillon watch movement, hand carved and has a black gold plating (Black Gold Coated); titanium metal can flip case (patent pending, is currently being processed).

Expand - flip - recovery - will be launched ... ... between playing, you will certainly wonder whether their own or wear a watch!
From independence in 1980, began his watchmaking career, nearly 30 years, Anthony - PEI repair factors (Antoine Preziuso) maverick style has always been to famous altar watch. He does best with their own original work to illustrate how the use of conventional and innovative design in the same watches on. Anthony - PEI repair factors work in order to express his watch were fellow with others in the industry as a way different way is a wonderful interpretation of his maverick style.

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