Accurist 21 drill movement

In 1946, Asher and Rebecca Loftus established a highly valuable brand Accurist, who formerly St John Street, Clerkenwell in the UK area of work. Like all counterparts, Accurist watch the election materials were from Switzerland.'s Progressive corporate management, creating a quality ensure that the products, companies are growing rapidly.

Accurist watch company launched the first 21 drill to promote movement, and Accurist 21 drill movement has become a company slogan. Have to follow the general industry peers. In a conservative market, Accurist break the routine, to increase market share, creating an international brand. At the same time also produced the highest ratings at the television program "Sunday Night at the London Palladium".

However, at that time, most people believe in life only sell a watch, Accurist plans to change the status quo, adding fashion elements in watches, Richard Loftus President, has just taken the university campus, to create a series of subversion on the international watch market watch. Is fast, Accurist the "Old England " (Old English) watches by Princess Anne, the Beatles, Twiggy favored. wear watches large diameter bright as with the mini skirt, Carnaby Street (London 1 street fashion known), and the London swinging 60's. with leisure synonymous with the United States.

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