History of Breguet

Breguet is one of many historical celebrities favorite brand, including the French King Louis XVI, Queen Marie. Anthony Napoleon, Breguet is also the founder of the favorite love form one network.

Abraham. Lewis. Breguet (1747-1823), born in Switzerland, Neuchatel, since the age of 17, started making watches in Paris, and soon, his talent and ability to flourish in the invention, the cost may reveal its edge, and Arts advocates were then appreciated by King Louis XV of France.

1775, Breguet opened its first watch shop in Paris. Because he has deep knowledge of mechanical, on the characteristics and technical unique watches extraordinary talent, made him the best craftsmen were attracted interest in joining the sects, and in his soft-sell program of training, his rich imagination to come alive as a moving piece of good works.

Breguet watch design and manufacturing, product diversification, regardless of watches, clocks and clock nautical design Jiangxinduju, made him known as the altar in the watch the most outstanding figures.

Breguet watch industry in the excellent results achieved from the start has become an overnight success, soaring to new initiatives, for example, was launched 1780 automatic watch (Perpetuelle), and then the invention significantly reduce the width of the watch from the Ming spring ring the bell and watch the world first shock device (Pare-Chute), so watch it no longer easy to damage the peripheral, more reliable performance.

Breguet watches a strong French King Louis XVI and Queen Marie. Anthony appreciation, with innovation and continuous improvement of mechanical lever or cylinder escapement-type device, the neo-classical style is very cost effective. Breguet design of the clock near the end of a hollow dot Department (known as "Pomme" hour hand, and just as "Breguet clock"), the enamel surface more elegant figure. The gold case, silver dial as well as the subsequent manually are carefully crafted with engraving machine made, is available from the watch case has been the most delicate thin.

In 1795, launched a large number of new inventions, new creations, including Breguet balance spring end loop; Force of the Secretary-line wheels; sold to Napoleon's world first baggage clock;

Souscription watch; can adjust the time Sympathique watch the recess bell; able to rely on touch to know the time of the "Tact" watch; and in 1810 patented tourbillon standard account.

Astronomical clock in the navigation area, Breguet made a significant offer pages. 1815 won the "HorlogerdelaMarine" Navy watchmaking house in the world. In his efforts, the urge watchmaking, whether in art or technology have received a new impetus and a new breadth. Breguet died at age 77, his achievements not only in his lifetime were widely admired; today, he is still recognized as the greatest genius and watchmaking house.

Breguet life of important inventions including the escapement Tourbillon, balance double springs Thebalance-springovercoil, TheSympathi-queclock, The Constant force escapement, and three The spring for minute yepeater and other outstanding design, are today far-reaching contribution to the watch industry.

Breguet today by the Montres Breguet, Nouvelle Lemania and Valdar strategic alliance of three companies, due to the fund of funds, R & D and marketing capabilities greatly enhanced the product to be market-oriented strategy, Breguet in fact out of the silence and started showing vibrant and robust.

Reorganization seeks to reform

Breguet company after the restructuring, staff from the pre-merger 170 to 230, produced significantly improve performance. In parts production, Breguet has most of the components produced by the same group solely on the chronograph movement and advanced mechanical movement of Nouvelle Lemania company took over the other, Valdar was devoted to the development of micro-mechanical and precision parts. Breguet is responsible only for the most special parts of the manufacturing and development, which also have more human input in the design and development work.

Breguet began to wake from deep sleep, and brilliant phoenix of Breguet, will be ready.

Each watch has a Breguet only proprietary individually numbered, that the watchmaker for their time and effort, this year, mainly from the existing watch Breguet four series Classique, Heritage, Marine, Type XX be expanded; and Type XX's Apprentice lines of which taste even flourish.

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