Bovaly combination of taste and time

Swiss watchmaking development thus far has more than 300 years, the competition is very fierce in the industry today, BOVALY, a unique ancient, pure, together with the consistent and accurate technical, elaborate with an old legend.

Swiss watch BOVALY, the Luyi founded in 1888, the Swiss watchmaking tradition few excellent factory one of the watch. Early selling in Europe before the First World War and to the quality and elegance enjoyed by the European aristocracy; Today, despite the world is changing, but after years of tough training and transformation, BOVALY still always uphold the fine tradition , adhere to the idea of creating high-quality products, so consumers feel satisfied 100% in real terms.

When the combination of taste and time of each other, they become the exquisite perfection of the art treasures. A benefit for each BOVALY, whether accurate movement, waterproof case features, or anti-wear sapphire crystal surface, from the assembly parts, polished case the inlay bracelet, all processes are well-Ming Jiang, Switzerland produced. Therefore, each watch can only benefit show BAUER perfect precision and meticulous quality. Thin parts of each and listen to operate, just as warm and gentle mother's heartbeat, evoke memories of infinite innocence.

Dedication to quality, to benefit BOVALY excel in the art while still hard work to research and explore new areas, and more focus on the noble and elegant design and innovative ideas, so that it has a product is both practical appreciation of . The latest profit BOVALY thin platinum series, brought new creative breakthroughs and cadmium, such as the lonely valley of the orchids, elegant touch of light inadvertently distributed.

BOVALY to the quality path to fashion design as the weft to extraordinary consciousness as the shuttle service to the perfect line, weave pieces of pieces of fine timepieces. Believe that in the coming days, BOVALY will bring people like it more to come. Its elegance, will make it a personal advocate and pursue the first choice of fashion taste.

BOVALY from 1888, founded by the Luyi, he called his name for the watch, operating clock business and expand their business as clever sizeable clock company. Before the First World War, watchs already sold in Europe, and in the quality and elegance enjoyed by the European aristocracy.

All along, BOVALY to operate silently, as opposed to the current way many companies to increase their size through mergers and acquisitions, its independent spirit of dedication is very valuable. Today, BOVALY around the world, except Europe abroad, also continued to expand, including China, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia market, so that a better understanding BOVALY brand.

Efforts in the pursuit of perfection in technology development since BAUER main interest watch. With meticulous craftsmanship, the traditional manual processing technology combined with modern sophisticated technology, excellence, completion of a detailed microscopic operations. In order to fully show the beautiful and elegant design, the production of materials is a selection of expensive high-grade materials (platinum, diamond, sapphire, shell, etc.); BOVALY produced each time account are highly accuracy, while also enabling the design and excellent quality.

BOVALY to have the scale and development today, depends on their consistent belief tireless pursuit of perfection; superior quality, creativity.  BOVALY new Platinum series of ultra-thin watch that is endowed with one of this philosophy results - cadmium, as numerous personalities, fashion to the preferred taste.

BOVALY thin this year's new Platinum Series is now an extension of the development in mainland China, the new advertising campaign will also actively expand in the mainland. This has a long history of the old brand, will lead the new trend.

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  1. I was going to buy a Bovaly from eBay..thought I'd do a bit of a research on Bovaly. Even the name confused Google which kept on correcting it to Bulova. Thank you. this is the only valuable page on Bovaly in the entire WWW.