Tissot Visodate Classic Watch

Fashion Watch Trend Report: November 18, Swiss Tissot creative base in Shanghai, Red Square, within a century classic Tissot watches Xtreme Series CD Star held a grand public conference. Tissot ambassador, the famous actress Huang Xiaoming, Huang Ling Talented singer, dance Prince Huang Doudou and Talent Show Jun 80 super debut hip-hop teenager life activities at the scene. Meanwhile, vice president of worldwide sales charges Tissot Dr. Hee Tissot Mr. Yao Zhongwei, vice president of China, also at the conference site and all similar Old Shanghai is irresistible nostalgia time.

Day, the opening performances of hip-hop teenager who show life after 80 with a hip-hop super-jun expression in the eyes of the greater Shanghai city life after 80; was born in Shanghai, Huang Ling Talented singer, sang songs with beautiful nostalgic romance; accomplished with superb internationally renowned dance dance Prince Huang Doudou, not only brought a stirring dance, even with his erudite and vast knowledge and understanding of urban culture to the audience explained the definition of nostalgia in his mind.

Fantastic three paragraphs after the performance on stage in front of the old trams are a familiar figure slowly down the Tissot Ambassador Huang Xiaoming, he has an "on the beach, the old" gentleman's classic style debut. As the countdown began on the big screen, Tissot, vice president of worldwide sales and spokesperson, Dr. Hee fees come labeled with [Old Times "that" classic moment] the characteristics of continuity pressed together before the start licensing authority, a huge Table product image CD Sida impressively appeared. Watch engraved version of which the design inspiration from the 50's Tissot in the 19th century to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its launch of the brand souvenir watches. Automatic mechanical movement date display add watch industry in the year of epoch-making milestone, but also to create a new form of fashion watch design.

Star watch the new CD, was designed to retain the original flavor, but also into the details of elements of contemporary pop and re-interpretation of this classic style. Tissot, vice president of worldwide sales charge Dr. Hee Star Table product as a gift CD gift Huang Xiaoming, Huang Xiaoming and praised the acting, many of the classic shape makes him nostalgic image of a model of fashion, the perfect interpretation of this both retro and stylish wrist Table of the essence.

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