German Watch Brand - Stowa

Brand Watch News Report: Founded in 1927 in southern Germany, a watch factory watch powerhouse, originally OEM for a number of Swiss watches, and later make their own watch. History in order to create bauhaus style watches, the German Luftwaffe with the B-Uhr, navy timer famous.

After World War II made civil list, a very successful business, sold more than 80 countries (including China). Rufa invented shock for Germany on the local movement Puw and Durowe. Stowa is now the holder of the brand designer watches JoergSchauer, marketing strategy is engraved with the classic style factory direct. It is also engraved the military form the original design of the most respected brands, the price is reasonable.

STOWA remained loyal to the production of mechanical watches, watches and clocks, the traditional (and popular in the quartz watch is also with the flow of interrupted them). In each era, we have succeeded in keeping up with fashion trends, and the products added to our own inspiration. This is the number of collectors STOWA hot demand as the reasons for the watch. Such as pilots or Marines STOWA large watch, which was previously used in the production of the 288 only a precision navigation watch design.

Now STOWA watch specialized mechanical movement, after painstakingly development, watches in our city of Pforzheim in Germany which were hand-made factories. The current product line is based on tradition and has a long history of watch design elements design. Our goal is to have respect for tradition and rely on their creativity to create something new. While today's STOWA watches to make and the help of the traditional classical elements, but they still have their own style, sophisticated technology and unique. Characterized by a small team of experts into its production STOWA each watch just the thing.

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