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Fashion Watch Trend Report: Fendi brand specializes in the production of high quality leather products, first held in 1955, Fendi fashion show. Then the company has grown, the business scope expanded to handbags, clothing, swimwear, clothing and other categories, and even the development of jewelry, men's perfume. But still the Fendi fur apparel brand in the fashion world renowned. Eduardo, one of its founders. Fendi after the death of the company by her five daughters to participate in management.

In 1962, Fendi designer German nationals employed by the company famous - Karl. Lagerfeld brand to its designers, Lagerfeld dramatic design, the Fendi brand clothing access to global fashion industry's attention and praise, La Field cooperation with the Fendi double F logo in the mixed series of letters, following the double C Chanel letters in France, Italy, Gucci's double-G, after the letters, but also a fashion consciousness are all two-letter symbol.

Fendi Rainbow Handbags

Lagerfeld to innovate on the fur processing, such as dealing with the real animal fur into effect with the appearance of imitation fur; the fur fabric marked with a large number of small holes to reduce the coat weight easy to wear; colorful fur dyeing processing. Its innovative design also includes water for mink coats denim fabric for the trim, use, such as squirrel skins, snow mink fur and so very bold design.

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