Milestone of Swiss Watch Brand Roamer

Latest Watches News Report: In 1888, a watchmaker called Fleets Meyer this unique medieval style in the place opened a production studio clock gear to promote the device, and thus began the Roamer form of the glorious history of Switzerland .

In the hundred years old history, the Roamer watch With impeccable Swiss watchmaking technology, established a distinguished reputation. Through continuous efforts and study, in 1940 developed a unique and respected by the global security system flying waterproof case, but also laid a strong position in the Swiss Roamer watch.

After years of effort, the Swiss watch company's marketing strategy of Roamer, product design, the series and price positioning, as well as distribution of policies and supporting resources to target all customers the trust and the future of the world mid-watch lay a solid foundation to develop, and the Swiss Roamer watch into a new era.

Among mid-priced watch market in many key seats, with the dedication of watchmaking technology, use high quality materials, like a tailor-made for each, like a watch, has been adhering to the principle of focusing the weight of quality, in order to achieve the brand itself advantages.

Fleets in 1888, Mr. Meyer opened in Solothurn has six employees of a production studio gear to promote the device.

1904 renamed "Meyers all benefit," the company has developed into a comprehensive manufacturing and Watch Company. Accurate and reliable products, 'MST' movement, and soon the company to have their own clocks series.

Began production in 1927 in order to achieve their own case and to reduce dependence of foreign suppliers.

Through continuous improvement in 1946, the Swiss patent Roamer watch design eventually developed waterproof waterproof watches flight safety, durability and reliable performance of its soon won the public reputation.

In 1952 the company changed its name to the best-selling brand: Swiss Roamer watch

Roamer, 1972, Swiss quartz watch list for the first time series of global markets.

1983-1992 watch industry crisis, the Swiss Roamer watch can still preserve its independence and uniqueness.

Changes in market conditions in 1993, with new investors to join the order to regain vitality Swiss Roamer watch, learning from history, development and growth, but also the prospect of a better future.

1996-1997, Roamer, Swiss, to introduce the new idea of the market watch - the "real value", and also introduced (Power8) series, Roamer, Switzerland has injected new vitality to the watch, thereby laying the watch in Roamer, the Swiss watch market in the mid-range strong position .
Switzerland, 1999 to celebrate 111 anniversary of the Roamer watch.

Roamer, 2001, the Swiss watch developed into a modern facility and the "Swiss made" the production plant.

Switzerland has had from the previous dominance of the Roamer form of mechanical watch again to delve into and successfully launched a new "confidence range", then the brand to a higher level.

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