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Luxury Watches Blog ReportIn daily life, 24 hours a day concept has been popular. In fact, this is just a hypothetical number, we call it a Mean Solar Time, or Universal Time, UT. Asystem of this theory, the human can live regularly. This assumption, as the eyes of reality.

In fact, if calculated strictly by a few seconds, the year the length of a day, 365 days is different. Remember the way the green this time system, called the Real Solar Time. The length of each day is calculated by observing the sun twice in a row at the highest point between the exact time. Or use the simple language that is no shadow of sunshine between the two that time. The shortest day of the year, only 23 hours and 44 minutes; the longest day, then reach up to 24 hours 14 minutes, the length of a day, according to the distance between Earth and the sun is determined. A short distance from the Sun, Earth rotation time of day to short distance with the sun, the earth's rotation for a long day. Earth revolves around the sun year trajectory, drawn on the map, like a kidney, of which only four circular path intersects with the hypothesis. If three seconds is negligible, that is to say, those four days we can really have 24 hours, which are April 16, June 14, September 1st, and Christmas.

In the days of the clock is not yet universal, true solar time dominate our lives. China's "sunrise, Riruerxi" time to live with the sun. And follow the course of time sundial, the sun is real time, specific instructions, sunrise and sunset, leaving the surface of the sundial's shadow in different directions. A cathedral in Swiss Basel dry clay lump on the outside, the installation of a giant sundial and a clock of the same size. Sunny, you can clearly see the two time were compared. Who are interested in clocks and watches, will be read as a knowing smile.

Breguet No.1648 Equation of time, first sale in 1928

But on cloudy days, or in the evening, sundial does not speak, true solar time no meaning, and even then not know the true solar time. So people come up with a way, the first day throughout the year to calculate the true solar time, the reference clock indicating the time, come the day of the specific differences. Identification number of the time, called Equation of Time, the formula is the day there is a real solar time mean solar time reduction (ie 24 hours). In the last paragraph of this article has a look down the watch, listing the year of the time difference, the reader can thus calculate the true solar time each day. However, the memory 365 under the different figures, it may not be gifted child prodigy about to do this. Thus, people with complex mechanical clocks to be displayed on it, worked hard to avoid the brain. The first difference function of the time packed in bags on the watch, the Henry Sully. However, more accurate and useful device is Al watchmakers Breguet invention. Since the late 18th century, he and her successor to do a lot of the time difference with the device pocket watches, precision in minutes, a precious heritage for future generations. Today, these pocket watches can be seen from time to time in the auction, sold more than motivation MN.

Breguet No.4377 Equation of time, made in 1977

According to the trajectory of the Earth around the sun, the time difference is a fundamental part of the device the shape of eccentric kidney, attached to the outer edge of its direct and real time movement of the sun sensors. Composed of a group of four transmission gear sequence, so that the eccentric wheel began to turn, each turn is 365 days 5 hours 37 minutes 30 seconds (the Earth revolves around the sun around the year of real time).

Modern style equation of time watch

Theoretically, this design is the best. But it is complicated, only a large-caliber pocket watch or clock on the installation. The limited space in the watch, in this way can not be used. Almost 10 years ago, Breguet designers came up with a new design, so the time difference instructions also can be used in watches. Kidney-shaped eccentric wheel synchronous movement and date of transmission, sadness and reduced ratio of 1 / 12. The clever way, there is no dark shadow the accuracy of the device itself. The date calendar round in 1461 days (365 +365 +356 +366) rotation period of 48 laps in total, while the eccentric transmission is combined with the transfer of 4 laps. In other words, the increase in ordinary years when the error (accumulated hours and 37 minutes each responsible for 30 seconds) will be compensated in the leap year correction, as a leap year its international significance and value of Po the same.

Today, has a total of four or fivebrandwatch the time difference introduced. It is a treasure of it should be said has been confirmed. At least, this feature will be on the watch lovers or complexcollection ofhome appetite. However, the modern concept of the time difference will play works of the most thoroughly, or Bailey's Patek Philippe pocket watch Star Caliber2000. It is equipped with solar activity really treasure the time the minute hand, a sun-synchronous movement with the precision machinery. It indicates that no calculation of the time, but also the distance by two coaxial minute hand indicates the day of the time difference. No one can deny that this is the timeArtwas another of Health of China. Hope that one day this feature appears on the watch.

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