Swiss Watch Brand Raymond Weil - Extraordinary Creative and Sense of the Times

Brand Watch News Report: Raymond Weil is Mr. Raymond Weil to his name as a brand, founded in 1976, said the family business. In less than three decades, this is full of extraordinary creativity and sense of the times has become an internationally renowned Swiss brands.

All along, Mr. Raymond Weil its unique charm and extraordinary leadership to consolidate the rapid development of business in the world in 86 countries across five continents to establish a solid and independent distribution network. Each Raymond Weil watches are definitely worth the money. Unique brand personality, positioning in the modern fashion and the perfect combination of classic, classic design to meet the pursuit of a young clientele.

Mr. Olivier Bernheim joined in 1982, the Raymond Weil transformed from a small company to become. Family characteristics and yet internationally renowned brands. Meanwhile, the Raymond Weil watch the original designer's image has gradually developed into a sui generis of the integrity of the brand. Greatly reduced the number of watch models, replaced by a series of vivid design. Swiss watch, with its superb technology and knowledge, and always keep abreast of new technology, the Raymond Weil adhere to focus on product innovation, watchmaking technology and quality, so famous altar watch, much the customers pay attention to taste favorite.

With its robust and reliable distribution channels for long-term support, Raymond Weil is not only a well-known brand, but also a real watch company. She focused on the use of their strengths, continue to make products better, which makes the face of Raymond Weil altar watch today, many budding international rivals, is still the market place. In addition, the Raymond Weil also has maintained its family of operating characteristics, in today's watch manufacturing industry is an important advantage.

In the past 30 years, Raymond Weil has been Sustaining excellence and innovation in the case of harmonious coexistence between the two evolving. Each design are the perfect combination of passion and precision, is also a collection of all the technical experience and creativity in the outcome of efforts to develop a long time.

From its inception, Raymond Weil has been very focused on the design to reflect the brand's core values: warm, sensual, impressionistic and harmony. Raymond Weil successful designers in their choice of materials, flowing lines to balance the pursuit of unity and attention to detail to the interpretation of these values. Indeed, it is pure and discreet appearance of the Raymond Weil watch to give a unique distinctive personality.

However, Raymond Weil's design is not only unusual in its appearance. Raymond Weil watch for the emotional object as: have direct contact with the skin object. So Raymond Weil designer watches to wear on the concentration above considerations, to consider how it can be worn on the wrist, and the wearer is feeling comforwatch.

This approach is in line with the brand "feature first, shape, supplemented by" concept. A watch movement is always centered, movement determines the watch size, thickness, volume and so on. In view of this, the design has become the watch house and the perfect visual expression of content, giving a distinctive watch a unique personality.

Similarly, the design is not an independent outside entity, from the initial pencil sketch to finished the development of technical specifications for design into a series of interrelated steps. Raymond Weil designers and technical staff to work together, with their enthusiasm and curiosity of clocks, new ideas from time to time, so that their performance progress.

Established by the brand since the start of Raymond Weil has been the spirit of striving for perfection that brand is known internationally. Always close to the advancement of technology, this family company established in Geneva, the Swiss watch manufacturing industry's most modern and advanced research and development center.

Wrapped in this sector, designers and engineers from the first sketch, try samples, technical planning, until every stage of the production process to work closely together with.

How to watch in the end the birth of their efforts it? When a management and marketing department to provide the most important data, design and production of the new watch plan begins.

Raymond Weil's 3D computer aided design system, according to a briefing by the marketing department introduced a new product idea, create the digital model. Engineers figured out before the start of basic geometric shapes, coupled with processing create a virtual three-dimensional entities, the functions of the computer at this stage as an extension of the hands of the designer, so designed to meet the required technical specifications. Equipped with a high degree of interpretation as the real device, computer software, materials for in-depth study can take into account their physical characteristics would affect the look and watch the weight and other factors.

Development of new watch every stage of the process may be developed, including details of the most sophisticated technology planning, and can accurately set the production process. Research and Development Department is also equipped with a three-dimensional samples of the wax mold casting machines, according to the technical specifications of products, casting a clear three-dimensional accuracy of 0.01mm sample, so that engineers can design the specific look and finalized.

The establishment of this department to Raymond Weil to more focused, more precise details of dealing with the watch manufacturer.

Introduces of Raymond Weil series


Parsifal series, inspired by Wagner's famous opera, Parsifal is to find the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend, a hero. Against this background, the design of the series to fully convey the atmosphere of celebration of heroism. Parsifal series is designed for people with unique taste tailored to wear can filling luxury, fashion, unique, comfor watch.

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni family name is derived from the classical music of Mozart. The series is full of men in an attractive image of the temptation of those available in the elegant and charming appearance on the creative, while most of the Così Grande Series respect, is the simple shape and the perfect combination of watchmaking.


Otello name of the same name based on Shakespeare's plays from. Its combination of bold and innovative appearance and mysterious temperament. The most nowatch is his series of two across the "bridge", although the overall structure of the surface break, but surprisingly to create an atmosphere of extraordinary harmony. Today, the Raymond Weil extended Otello series of design concepts, added a new watch, have greatly enriched Otello series. Clear, fascinating and full of magic, this is the Otello series.


Tango originated in South America from the family name of the tango. Tango from South America, the development in Europe is still the first choice for high society dance. Lively and unique design, reflecting the clear, resolute, passionate preference. Tango series of new, both followed the characteristics of the series, but also embodies the spirit of modern art, is the Raymond Weil brand of music the spirit of the witness.


Classic Series has a remarkable appreciation for those who tailored the grade. It is not only a sophisticated timing device, it is a symbol of the time, like a classical piece of music, never in the time of fading.

Every detail of the arrangements for the Tradition series, has its special purpose. Automatic mechanical movement, Roman numerals on the dial, showing the classical rationalism. Fashion simple appearance, but also the embodiment of modern romanticism. The perfect combination of classic and modern, classic series has a high degree of people look up and honor. Instant love with a long aftertaste, this is Tradition.

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