Petty Girl Autumn Fashion Handbags

Fashion Zone Report: Started another round of season, every fashion people are always ready to be in this season in some fashion for their own dresses and more to add. How about the first season in the autumn and reveal different trends and fashion, featured 14 bag to match the trend of dresses, so beautiful MM in the autumn.

Suggestions: white mini-bagscute, autumn jacket, skirt and boots, the best mini-bag with white, and reveal the sweet girls Petty style.

With recommendations:Petty woman would not be without LV bag, even if the wear of the ordinary, but in the hands of the bag must not be big, big represent something, Petty knows the mood of a woman is the most fashionable part of it.

With recommendations:Bohemian style dress dancing, dancer exudes beauty, black hat, black shirt, dress for the increase in the overall sense of mystery, with a shoulder to hand the packet and can enough to show off style .

With the recommendations:a woman to learn to dress, exotic chiffon shirt, with black suits, black tights, black boots, black handbag, dignified and with popular elements of the dress, but also make you extremely attractive.

With suggestions:black leather vest with a white shirt and short, mini black skirt, and reveal the handsome, charming mix of modern style, purpleredin autumn of pantyhose is one favoritecolorstockings, with black shoulder bag, to develop their full neutral beauty.

With recommendations:scarves, jackets, dresses, purple pantyhose, boots, black ladies shoulder bag, fashiona single productof the collection, create hundred percent fashion, elegance girls.

With the recommendations:the military has a tough temperament color dresses, give the impression that competent, neat impression, with a large bag too comparable to the style, put Leopard element, handbag bag, brand- exposed female beauty fashion hardness with softness.

With suggestions:weardenimskirt, if not wearing socks, remember you can choose thin upper bodysweaterto match, plus hat, increased neutral fashion sense, and denim skirt color, style is a full of the most harmonious cortex texture of the bag, single shoulder method is more show youthful.

Withrecommendations:England-style suit jacket, which knit gown, black semi-cylinder socks, brown lace shoes gentleman pointed, shape and neutral fashion retro style, in the hands of the black tasselbagand realize their potential in the elegant flow fashion sense.

With recommendations:short-sleeveddress, withjeansworn narrow-leg pants, like the Middle East, exotic, sash, high-heeled shoes, sunglasses, and reveal an elegant atmosphere, with an elegant handbag, the ladies to develop their full temperament.

With suggestions:black denim shirt + narrow-leg pants + black shoes, simple, stylish dress for work, but also shopping, a black shoulder bag for you to increase Lingge lady style, medium, and a cowboy randomness.

With the recommendations:early autumn wearmini-skirts, remember to add pantyhose, due to seasonal relationship, you can choose thin, transparent,color-rich tights, bags to choose the best color is the color of socks echoes, or body color is too complicated, and will become very rustic.

With recommendations:translucent black dresses, pants with sexystockings, and reveal delicate, show long legs, with a cool bag, so enjoy unrestrained fashion.

With suggestions:pure white strapless long shirt, no superfluous sash, and a large bag of Korean system, black boots, beautiful enough to make you a hundred points.

With the recommendations:early fall can be combined with pantyhose to wear short skirts, that is warm and stylish, choose a pink bag lady style, single-shoulder method, develop their trends and fashions.

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