Sport Watch Brand: Sector

Watch Traveling Report: Sector sports watches are fast becoming world-wide selection of promising young people target, STX watch selling more than 40 countries, Italy, Switzerland and France and other European major markets, the movement is the primacy of the brand, but also in the United States and Japan was a great success.

Sector brand was born in 1980, the predecessor of the Department originated in 1858, a Swiss watch company, STX Hi-tech meter to seek to provide a bold fashion products, innovative and reliable high performance sport watches, to meet the most demanding consumers of today the needs of each watch are used only STX latest Swiss technology and Italian classic watch design manufacturing.

Sector watch especially for the casual sports fan and love successful people, all watches are made of high quality materials, water at least 100 meters, matching leather strap, stainless steel bracelet or titanium bracelet.

Sector became a highly respected watch brands, but also thanks to the "endless Sector sports teams," Seton watch actively sponsor and support this by the extreme athletes consisting of 18 sports teams, players in recent years achievements and to attempt to win wide popularity, they have different nationalities, in different extreme sports, but accounted for in the face of challenges when they wear STX watch, the team also made recommendations for improvement to continuously hand Seton development and innovation.

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