Special Design Watch Schauer

Brand Watch News Report: In 1990, the age of 22, Jörg Schauer became an independent tabulator. His goal is to combine the special design requirements and technology solutions, creating advanced watch. In the initial stage, the achievement of the goals is to rely on the strength of the customer to customize the watch - mainly in gold or platinum case. But soon he began to build according to their own personal tastes watch. 5 years of the birth of more than 400 watchs; they were sold around the world, and many become collectibles. In 1995, he carried out in Engelsbrand / Black Forest to establish "Jörg Schauer" brand program, and launched the first generation of work. Brand mark is the border of the 12 screws.

Design, prototype trial, renovation and beautification movement, case manufacture, dial painting and printing - all from the Jörg Schauer support himself and his low numbers in the high level of partner with the completion (rather from local suppliers the necessary support). The operation mode of cooperation to Jörg Schauer received over the years to maintain his flexibility - Despite the change of series production, the user can still get the old stock with the movement or dial limited edition watch.

Schauer products are limited to 500 hand-form each scale. This makes the recognition Schauer was special. We hope you enjoy the short trip on our website, as well as the concept of the world Jörg Schauer tab. Stowa Jörg Schauer is currently the head of.

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