Seven Outdoor Watches for Winter

Brand Watch News Report: Out of winter will begin, and put on the watch for the winter, went to play outdoor.

First, regardless of "Arctic" climate is true, whether you are going skiing, or travel north to the Tropic of Cancer, are particularly necessary in winter watch. In extreme weather conditions, it can still maintain a precision watch timing, which is a professional watchmaker who challenges. In fact, since the last century, flying, diving into new means of exploration, the watch features an excellent extension has become increasingly broad, but the arctic environment, more stringent requirements on a watch. It is not just to be able to overcome the shock, dust, moisture and heavy impact, and to keep on time, preferably also in the average low temperatures of -50 to provide more convenient features. In general, these can, who is also the best compass watches, barometers and other instruments, of course, strong and magnetic is a basic requirement.

In 1911, watch for the first time to the South Pole
Nearly 100 years ago, Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole, he is recognized as the first to reach the South Pole. His two expeditions, both wearing watch Zentih provided. 100 years later, including Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch brands, including many have taken to watch their own poles.

Polar watch brand into a testing ground
Today, Polar has become a favorite of many brand watch the test site. Remove the poles outside the Himalayas has become the world's third pole of the best testing ground for the brand. Watch brands believe in the polar weather conditions so difficult, if watch is also able to demonstrate reliable performance, and that it can adapt to any place on Earth.

Election block "cold watch"
A relatively thick winter clothes, so watch easier to wear thin. Select the crown is relatively large, relatively prominent buttons for easy operation of the watch, wearing gloves can easily operate.
2 batteries in cold conditions will greatly reduce the working hours, so choose the quartz movement or an electronic form to be careful.
3 small temperature difference between the rubber strap, steel strap more suiwatch than in winter wear.
4 If this is developed in order to conquer the South Pole, will cost a lot of money, the pursuit of cost-effective, may wish to simplify the selection function, but can still deal with the general cold engraved products.

Helmsman Series watch
Movement: automatic or manual winding, Mido calibre 1320 movement, 48-hour power reserve.
Appearance: diameter 30mm, stainless steel case, black rubber strap.
Cardiac reasons: design inspiration from the 20th century, 30 years of industrial streamlined aerodynamics may be the 5-way travel time to adjust its accuracy.

Polar explorer Paul Emile Victor delegations watch
Movement: L619 self-winding movement.
Appearance: Stainless steel round case, non-glare sapphire crystal, black leather strap.
Cardiac reasons: the French group in the Arctic and Antarctic polar explorers brought the instrument when the exact copies.

Bode Bang watch
Movement: HUB4100 self-winding movement, 42 hours a kinetic energy reserves.
Appearance: diameter 44.5mm, black ceramic case, black rubber strap.
Cardiac reasons: for American skier BodeMiller production, 9 o'clock direction of its signature.

Movement: ETA 7754 movement.
Appearance: diameter 44mm, polished stainless steel case, black rubber strap.
Cardiac reasons: vulcanized rubber strap is made from natural, no temperature difference against the cold. Dial function buttons placed on the side, easy to operate.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 watch movement: Jaeger 780 and 781-type movement, automatic winding. Appearance: diameter 46.8mm, double loop hoop structure case, the integration of the system can replace the strap.
Cardiac reasons: the Himalayas and mountaineering with the board has never been a conquered Antonie LeCoulfre previous peaks, through a severe test.

500 Fathoms GMT watch
Movement: Calibre 5215 self-winding movement, 5 day power reserve.
Appearance: diameter 48mm, brushed titanium dial, canvas strap, shallow arc convex watch cover. Cardiac reasons: with three connected barrel, ensuring a continuous 5-day power reserve, water resistance up to 1,000 meters. Price shop contact

SE? Extreme Series watch
Movement: touch-screen movement with low battery indicator.
Appearance: diameter 43mm, 316L stainless steel case, rotating bezel, rubber strap with push-button folding buckle.
Cardiac reasons: with weather, altitude, automatic demagnetization, the compass and other high-tech outdoor functions, and cost-effective.

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