Tissot Quadrato Automatic Watch

Watch News Center Report: Since the father of geometry, Euclidean geometry of space proposed the concept of starting it all the time does not affect the geometric elements with Western art, design, aesthetics , and even fashion sense .Long, angular geometry has been the trend of fan's favorite, and square geometric patterns as the most representative element is always the eternal theme of the fashion industry.The last century, 20 years, Tissot has started making a square watch, and popular.2007 , the Tissot introduced the design avant-garde square watch - cool party series in the world with great success, this year, the re-launch of the new extension of watch models - Automatic Chronograph. Case of 4 right angles into the best decorated this outstanding watch, and it equipped with a Swiss ETA 7750 Valjoux mechanical movement ensures the precise timing. Cool side to watch the new trend to add a new bright spot: Leading the square of the geometric aesthetics watch!

To reshape the tradition of innovative design     aesthetics of deconstruction of the square geometry 

The new Tissot Quadratoe watch square perfect combination of traditional and innovative design. Back in 1920, Tissot introduced the square watch at the popular - Hermetic travel pocket and pockets form, the early 1940s, Tissot has introduced the first automatic mechanical watch the square. Today, Tissot cool side series continues this proud tradition, the appearance of a square Founder and powerful use of all of the design are the most advanced engineering theories, embodying the aesthetic concept of synchronized fashion, and strive to innovation reshaping traditional design, deconstruction square geometric aesthetic. 

Equipped with sophisticated high-performance chronograph mechanical movement to cool side automatic timing machine code form to become one pair of traditional Swiss watchmaking hymn. ETA7750 Valjoux Swiss mechanical movement ETA factory factory town treasure, it has 25 gemstones, vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour, power reserve of 46 hours. It is accurate travel time and complex process, so cool look and noble sense of the full integration of precise movement, will be able to capture all of admiring glances.

The new automatic timing machine code cool side watch dynamic shape and design of the achievements of a mix of both classic atmosphere and the spirit of sports watch, clear bright lines and deep rich colors to form a strong visual impact. Timing pointer with red design, dial the use of smoke gray, white pointer and graduated from the bold words of Article dial launch center to the edges for a classic square design to add different kind of vitality. A black leather strap or stainless steel 316L. In addition, the cool side Automatic chronograph function is also quite compelling, three time dial plate at the left side of the square of its circular design balance brought sharp sense of enclosure. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in the 9 o'clock position for 60 seconds time offer and it is within the party by a unique cylindrical design, but also echoes the case of square elements. This brand new stunning watch for the many avant-garde design and craftsmanship under the combined effect of the birth.

Technical parameters:
- Swiss made ETA 7750 Valjoux automatic chronograph mechanical movement
- Water depth of 100 m / 10 atm
- Anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass watch mirror
- 316L stainless steel case
- 316L stainless steel strap with folding buckle

Tissot New Sculpture Line 18K Rose Gold

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