Bertolucci Gioco Watch

Bertolucci Gioco

Watches Review Center Report: In this era of complex mechanical watches, Bertolucc has not given up the dream of making the diamond watch, in their design, time is always reflected by the flash of diamonds this year, look at the new watch money, precious stones used significantly more superb. Bertolucci can be said that a skilled gem watch, out of the series this year among the new, there are two very worthy of attention, namely, Gioco and Stria Luce.

Gioco irregular surface of stacked rectangular "window in the window" design, look into the watch, it is kind of the feeling of a time tunnel into the factory to each level "windows" are studded with diamonds, style is gorgeous. I initially feared would bring too strong, diamond-studded flash, look under discovered that diamonds are arranged from large to small, the longest a "line" as much as fifteen diamonds, each piece is very well-proportioned size ratio consistent.

Diamond watch can also match with the Casual Chic clothing, and not just to cope with the banquet or long in the safe. Bertolucci already understand this point, the last of the Starry to express through the Mediterranean, this time it? A set of three of Serena Garbo, is very simple and diamonds match the fancy Casual Chic, Shopping, or even wear to work, this will not be too exaggerated drill watch dazzling. This watch is worth noting that only two sets of the world, set in the richest country on earth one of Dubai, another in front of everyone.


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    Bertolucci Gioco watches are so beautiful, elegant, highly exclusive and a pain to actually read. The idea is actually not that they are primarily used as watches, but that these watches are jewelry. Really the colour of this watch is looking so cute. Thanks a lot.....

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    The Bertolucci brand has subsequently been sold several times but the watches from the early nineties continue to be available in the marketplace and are stylish and superb values at their today deeply discounted prices. These watches are beautiful, elegant, highly exclusive, and a pain to actually read. Thanks.

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