Jaquet Droz The Heure Celeste Watch

Latest Watches News Report: 2653 by Jacques de automatic winding movement, watches diameter of 41 mm, 18k white gold case, mother of pearl dial, yellow stones on the set 35, 154 sapphires, 51 pink stones, 22 and 46 orange garnet gem Stone, Limited Edition 8.

Price: 325,500 yuan

Remember that I once saw a survey: the most romantic thing a woman think that what is the choice of many people are quietly along with the other half looking at the sky, feeling so expansive and colorful stars. But the city is lit today, to experience the true sense of the beauty of the stars, indeed all the more difficult.

However, there is such a watch, watch the stars as a woman can bring romance in general, in such a watch, an elegant white gold foil only willing to do, because only those who watch the sky represents the magnificent, can really show a species of the beauty of the bright little stars. Light blue, bright green, warm orange, bold yellow and soft pink. These rich colors on the presentation of the watch, as if a wonderful forever freeze the moment photographs.

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    The above watch is made up of 18k white gold case, pearl dial, yellow stones on the set 35, 22 and 46 orange garnet gem Stone. It is a gift in special occasion like marriage, birth day and many more functions. Thanks a lot...

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