Tissot Lady Watch March Series

Fashion Watch Trend Report: For Tissot, the "time, as you control" is not just ad words. It passed the Tissot brand DNA - Tissot is committed to cutting-edge technology and stylish design perfect fusion of production in the watch, hoping to bring more value to customers and moving. Since 1853, Tissot has been based on tradition of innovation, now has grown to global sales of the first traditional Swiss watchmaking brand.

Tissot Flamingo Diamond 

Tissot Flamingo series will be 28 dazzling diamonds scattered on top of mother of pearl dial and case, like the dew dripping rainforest as moisture on the leaves. Vaulted sapphire crystal mirror dial to seem soft and simple, with distribution of a slender gloss black patent leather strap, although it does not use the pink flamingo-like, but it highlights the female low-key soft, can be used with any clothing. With a noble sense of the value of the Tissot Flamingo Diamond Watch for Women elegance and distributed among all the time from the wrist, is the favorite choice for fashionable women.
Technical parameters
- Arch anti-scratch sapphire crystal lens
- 316L stainless steel case
- Waterproof to 30 meters / 3 atm
- 28 Weisaierdun Diamond
- Mother of pearl dial face
- Patent leather strap with standard buckle
Suggested Retail Price: RMB 3,000

Deepika Padukone fashion endorsement interpretation Tissot Flamingo diamond model

Tissot Flamingo series, which directly revealed the inspiration comes from the tropical design master.

Rainforest in the beautiful flamingo, wearing a red feather, dignified and elegant. Slender thin leather watch band, like the leg lines of elegant flamingos. The simple design of the dial as the tropical rainforest full of green leaves in general, thin wrist strap is like the decoration. In 2011, Tissot watch designers will launch a special Flamingo Diamond watches, diamonds into the female favorite watch design, with the Flamingo has a beautiful symbol of freedom all the female friends pray the sun, warm health.

Tissot Grand Diamond Extreme Sports 

Tissot Grand Diamond Grand Extreme sport wristwatch uphold the essence of the series, case and strap with full sense of the steel strength, the natural curvature between the two smooth, no sharp edges and corners, will not exercise wrist injury collision. The middle part of the strap with frosted, and polished on both sides of the parts in contrast, scrub with a sense of power components, suiwatch for sports occasions; and polishing parts is the best feminine interpretation of the perfect combination of both processes created a Tissot another classic female form. Tough campaign style able to manifest a positive style of independent women, is to promote individual choice. Dial in the most gentle temperament female mother of pearl, so that each one is unique watch, with the changes around changes in light of different light. Gentle dial, Bezel set to be 48 Top Wesselton diamonds around, and the tough silver steel complement each other. A variety of design conflicts revealed in the delicate wrist of the modern women's double temperament: the expression of vitality capable of self-confidence and gentle soft bright luxury. Tissot embodies the exquisite craft designer ingenuity - successfully design, and mature women for different occasions, the multi-faceted character.

Grand double the number of sports series position with the whole retro fine Arabic numerals and the rest of the article used the word clear, calendar window at 3 o'clock position of the dial, classic appearance. Simple and accurate design of three-pointers, second hand elegantly slim deep passing Guanghua Mother of Pearl dial, so that modern women as accurate every second to gain control over time.

Mature multi-faceted personality express themselves Grand Diamond Extreme sports watch the launch of the dynamic models of appearance and luxury watchmaking Tissot perfect combination of unique, are woven in the gentle power of projection in the activity in the luxury, just as the trend advocated by contemporary women attitude, vibrant and elegant without losing the spirit of independence. Watch the motion characteristics of the given wearer Broadwood (Lohas) attitude towards life. So watch this new design will become a leisure or social female ideal not to be missed.

Technical parameters:
- Anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass watch mirror
- Waterproof to 50 m / 5 atm
- 316L polished steel case
- 316L stainless steel bracelet with push-button butterfly buckle

Tissot T-race series of new

New Tissot watch racing series always stick to the series tradition of innovation and precision design, the watch industry and the motorcycles to become the world's bond. Racing motorcycle racing series to draw from a lot of inspiration, full of Tissot in the transport of materials and design ingenuity alone. Compared with the older racing series, the new bezel watch continues, although the design of motorcycle disc brakes, but the "brakes" on the hollow place has changed to black, very smart. The disk design has also been modified, thin outer ring of black tick, exactly like the motor car dashboard, timing pointer and then use the red part of the time-scale, time to echo the color of a large second hand, people Xuemaibizhang. When you turn chronograph function, three red pointer as time to rotate at different speeds the accumulation of so heart racing as if Hurricane speeding along with the acceleration. Small seconds dial has a black outer ring with bold design, the world jump on the dial out of the car resembles a speedometer. In addition, the 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock position to switch to Arabic numerals, and the motor car dashboard displays the number of similar, vividly.

Of course, the new racing series also spared no effort on the heritage of the older interpretation of the essence of motorcycle racing. A part of any watch to allow people to think that this passion of the two rounds. Extends from the crown at the amplification of the calendar window reminiscent of motorcycle racing from the perfect combination of that and streamlined helmet mask, as if to feel the high-speed gallop in the blowing air flow. Maverick bezel is exactly like the motorcycle disc brakes. Crown protection device similar to motorcycle racing to a dedicated stainless steel Allen screws for fixation, bulge resembles the first letter of the English Tissot "T", creating a strong Tissot style. In addition, the strap used with a similar rubber tires, which undoubtedly inspired watch from the motor racing icing on the cake.

Through the simple black and white, tough steel, and the exquisite and delicate design, the new Tissot watch the motorcycle racing series in the square inch between the characteristics of the presentation thoroughly, will give the world's two speed lovers pleasant surprises.
Technical parameters:
- Anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass watch
- Waterproof 100 meters / 10 atm
- Zoom in the calendar window
- 316L stainless steel case
- Rubber strap with push-button folding buckle

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