Rare Paintings of French Country Church Bell

Watch News Center Report: Estimated price: 5000 - 7000 Swiss francs
With commission price: 7125 CHF (about 48,806 yuan)

【Description】 overall
The painting describes the work of rural churches, some manufacturing in 1860, the tower location on the mosaic clock, 8 days power reserve, the whole point, the slightest timekeeping, the whole point of music but also with the cuckoo calls, silver dials of the clock , Arabic numerals, outer minute scale, the black handle stainless steel pointer, painting the overall size of 79 × 68 cm, are damaged and need repair.

【Movement】 configuration
Movement diameter of 11 cm, copper, barrel while the supply of travel time and timekeeping watches the energy required, anchor escapement, brass pendulum.

Through the rich, full and rich decorative colors, to fully show the texture of objects, real things are painting a vivid picture of one of the most basic features. 30 years from the 19th century began, there have been massive in the western countryside, the theme of the church paintings. Auction painting created in about 1860, churches and pastoral scenery integrated, relatively rare.

Even more unusual is that seemingly quiet but hidden behind the picture great mystery: the screen behind the church tower clock clock tray, hide a mechanical clock in the slightest, the whole point of time, and have eight days power reserve . However, as years have been very old, hidden in the painting on the back of the watch device requires a comprehensive maintenance. However, this seems to have no impact on this rare "painting bell" to high turnover. Today, people do not lack work, but art.

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