Fashion Lady Watches Recommended - Part One

Brand Watches Information ReportFlipped through the chat, who met in the PUB, is not familiar is the fifth time the girl asked me "what to buy a good watch," the problem. Who says a woman shopping would be irrational, why I met the beautiful are more careful than men do and more principled.


Introduction to Mechanical preferred female form, stainless steel case, mother of pearl dial, 6 hollow point, eye-catching red Arabic numerals and red leather strap, the assembly-ETA 2824-24 automatic winding movement. Price of 5750 yuan

Rado Centrix series automatic watch

Rado high-tech ceramic case and bracelet, with silver trim, black dial decorated eight diamond polishing mark time, price 15800 yuan

Swarovski Zhang Zilin Octea Sport limited edition watches

Zhang Zilin Swarovski Limited Edition Octea Sport Watches

Bezel and dial are used Zhang Zilin favorite dotted pink, with the same color of the rubber strap, decorated with delicate Swarovski crystal reflect each other, price 9300 yuan

Set target price

Buy a watch for himself to establish a price range, only buy within the price range of the watch, regardless of the good habits of men and women. However, for men, to persuade them to raise the price of several grades, but also not difficult. Because men can easily be "cost effective", "good reputation" and "not easily outdated," "one step" to convince the reasons like - "Rather than spend 3 million to buy this watch, you might as well spend 5 million directly buy a bird yet. "

But women are different, they are buying only Tissot or buy only Swarovski when the heart may already be thinking about anything else under the brand name of a watch or package. Soy sauce vinegar and the money can not be used - at least I never succeeded in persuading any one want to spend 5 million to buy out the watch had more versus woman, unless she is not spending their own money.

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